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07/19/2005 06:13AM
Sorry about the delay in posting this. I thought I posted it prior to going on vacation.

This will be a fast one, but the winner receives a great hat with our logo on it.

Monthly Category: Best BWCA or Quetico Photo

- You must be signed in as a member with a valid email address in your profile to enter (or win).
- You can only enter one photo per monthly contest. You can enter the same photo if it did not win in a previous month.
- You must be the photographer of the photo.
- Photos are entered in the contest by making a reply posting to this message and using the "Add a photo to this message" link during composition. This will allow you to upload a photo from your computer to the contest or allow you to select a photo which you have already loaded into your photo gallery on this site. If you want to enter your photo in another way, please contact us.
- Please describe in the message where the picture is from.
- Judging will be done by the staff and moderators.
- Photos must be posted to this message by 11:59pm on June 30th.

- Photos must be in jpg or gif format to be uploaded to the site. Contact me if you have something in a different format or are having problems uploading to the site.

Thank you for participating!


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distinguished member (274)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/19/2005 07:32AM
This photo was taken from the far north campsite on Fourtown on the penninsula facing south. I was there in June and sure wish I was there right now.
distinguished member (147)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/19/2005 02:32PM
distinguished member (147)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/19/2005 02:44PM
This Photo was taken at Link Lake. My son was stung by a bee as this photo was being shot! The price we pay :)
senior member (73)senior membersenior member
07/19/2005 03:12PM
This was taken on Suzanette Lake in June just after dinner. What a view from the campsite. It's my favorite picture from the trip.

member (6)member
07/19/2005 06:08PM
I took this photo of my brother Mike as he fished for lakers.... He loves to fish and I love to take pictures so on this day we were perfect.
distinguished member(688)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/19/2005 07:26PM
"Fourtown Blues"

On our trip this past month Jun 26--Jul 1.....Wed Jun 29 and Thurs Jun 30 were very windy so instead of fishing Fourtown on our way, out we opted to explore the area a little...and pick blueberries....

07/19/2005 08:16PM
This Photo was taken on Lake Insula from the south center campsite on July 10 as the sun was setting

member (18)member
07/20/2005 03:50AM

Getting up early has its rewards - this was taken June 23rd on Knife Lake
distinguished member (433)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/20/2005 02:55PM
"Silver Threads Among the Gold"
member (20)member
07/20/2005 04:47PM
the crew
07/20/2005 06:53PM
We just got back from Quetico, a wonderful trip. Fishguts

07/21/2005 04:21PM
This photo was taken on May 24th of this year, looking down Winchell lake at was a beautiful night!
07/23/2005 10:15PM
senior member (83)senior membersenior member
07/29/2005 12:53PM
Loon Lake May 2005
My first solo trip!
on the edge of my seat...
Guest Paddler
08/04/2005 03:22PM
and the winner is........
08/04/2005 04:13PM

July Dawn - Quetico
08/06/2005 07:20AM

The winner of the July photo contest is stevetodey!

Congratulations! And thank you everyone for posting such great photos! It was a again another tough decision we had to make.

The winner of the additional hat goes to FishGuts!

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