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02/12/2008 08:43AM
If you were walking to Johnson Falls which EP would you pick and why? I was thinking that East Bearskin lake would be the best route, but I am still not sure. I have heard of others starting from Caribou or Clearwater lakes and others coming in from the east side of Pine Lake.

Any suggestions? Also how is the snow on the lakes? Hard and fast I hope. Maybe I should add that we plan to setup camp a couple miles before/from the falls and spend the second day exploring the area.
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02/12/2008 12:23PM
Depends. The easiest is to enter at Pine and just paddle there. The hardest is from Canoe Lake (one of the killer portages of the BWCA). Moon, Deer, Caribou, Little Caribou is easier, but is very popular and might be hard to find a site.

I've never done it, but I think all the portage from Clearwater to Caribou are tough.

02/12/2008 02:13PM
"but is very popular and might be hard to find a site."

If its tough to find a campsite this weekend I'm not going! I was actually looking for the shortest route I guess. Portages aren't too much of a concern since its all one long portage this time of year.

Sorry about not explaining the time of the trip better.
02/12/2008 03:41PM
:) Sorry for not reading better. :)

I don't know for winter travel, but you'd still have hills. I think the Pine entry would be the easiest, but I don't know what road conditions are on the Arrowhead Trail.

Going via Clearwater you'd have a good size hill to travel. I'd guess the East Bearskin route would be easiest, but I don't know.
Buck Mustard  
02/12/2008 07:22PM
Can only comment on the route starting at Clearwater and going through Caribou. Clearwater has a decent parking area. Fishhouses and snowmobiles might be on this lake. Possibly might initially give you some trail to follow.

Take the first portage to Caribou. The eastern portage is more difficult and Caribou does not have the fishhouses. This first portage is kinda long, but pretty easy in winter.

We camped on Caribou. Day trip to Johnson Falls was pretty easy. Although, when we did this last winter, there was very little snow.

Be careful of the ice where the creek empties into Pine. And be careful of ice on the creek. The path to the falls is on the south side, although we had trouble finding it and just followed the creek up.

Good luck!
02/12/2008 09:00PM
Hey thanks for that info BM! Wish you were joining us it should be a nice weekend up there. I'll send some pictures your way.

Didn't think about the ice fishermen and their tracks, that should help out.
02/14/2008 05:57AM
Wow! Post some pictures after your trip! I love Johnson Falls and would really like to see what it looks like in winter!
02/14/2008 04:59PM
full agreement with spartan. Would love to see it!!
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