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03/13/2008 08:41AM
Today is the 3rd day of warming the prairie in Brookings, South Dakota. I started writing an email to tell friends of my good fortune (with spring), the words looked poetic and a rough sort of way......

Day three, the prairie responds
to a great big yellow thing in the sky
called sun....... warmth at last
a little drizzle yesterday, and balmy wind
put snow on the run....... literally
and no tears run down my cheeks
for winter's passing
2 geese in the sky, heading south, last night
I wondered......
were they the advance guard
winging back to tell the flock
still too cold
still too frozen, or
lets get going....... time to mate
sex does it every time, stirs the blood
to........ perpetuate the species, and
the strong take flight
sounds of geese on high this morn
maybe the pair got it right
time to mate
but winter
her grip remains, and little ponds
frozen still
spring begins 7 days from now
maybe then, maybe then
the beast will be driven out
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