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04/10/2008 12:18AM
Anyone been up to Turtle Lake in the past year or so?
How is the regrowth?
Fishing reports sounds pretty good, just wondering on the scenery.
Heard the island campsite is the way to go.
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04/10/2008 04:37AM
Seems to me that there was a report last season that the island campsite on Turtle had been permanently closed. You might want to check that out with the forest service.
04/10/2008 10:29AM
John at VNO confirmed that the island campsite is closed-i also understood permanently
04/10/2008 11:13AM
Oh man that's to bad - Everything I hear about it is awesome.
04/10/2008 11:25AM
Camp up on Clearwater and day trip for the fishing.

Clearwater was only impacted by the fire on the southern shore. The majority of the lake is untouched. Not as busy traffic wise, water is pretty clear (hence the name) and the fishing is ok. Easy day trip to Turtle and other lakes.
04/10/2008 11:32AM
Thats probably a good idea -
I hear the smallie fishing Pietro is pretty good as well.
04/10/2008 05:16PM
-my 2 cents-turtle lake is not really a lake i would pick to camp on,even before the fire-it's shallow,the water smells nasty & and the shoreline is less than picturesque-i did slay some big pike there a couple times,got skunked once-it's that kind of lake-there are much nicer lakes nearby to camp on-it's a day trip lake in my opinion
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