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04/17/2008 01:19PM
In looking at the maps on here, it appears one can paddle north all the way from Fourtown Lake to Moosecamp Lake. Is this correct or deceiving? It shows no portages and I have no other maps to compare to yet. At the end of June I'm heading west through Boot then north perhaps to Moosecamp and would like to loop back through Fourtown on my way out to EP 23.
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04/17/2008 01:29PM
Before posting I used the search function "Moosecamp Fourtown" and got nothing. In searching just "Fourtown" I see that I'm not the only one questioning this route.

Please disregard my post, thanks!
04/17/2008 01:38PM
Yes-you can paddle to or from Moosecamp if the water levels in the Moosecamp river are high enough. In low water it becomes difficult and you will most likely encounter a couple of Beaver Dams along the way anytime you go.

I am going through Moosecamp to Fourtown on my early May Portage clearing trip assuming the ice goes out in time. I can report back before end of May on Moosecamp conditions.
04/17/2008 01:44PM
Yes bogwalker, please report back on the conditions. I'd appreciate that!
04/17/2008 01:54PM
Look for information by the end of May if not before. I return on May 12th.
04/24/2008 08:45PM
We did the moosecamp to Fourtown river trip last summer. It does flow from moosecamp to fourtown, but the current is not so strong you couldn't do it in reverse. Probably easier to "go with the flow" though:) There were 3 or 4 beaver damns to cross. Nice trip down, but don't recommend if weather looks questionable (It's longer than it looks and once you're in there is nowhere to "hide") Really pretty trip though, I would recommend you try it once. We are glad we did it, but probably wouldn't do it again.
04/24/2008 08:59PM
Here area couple pictures from our trip. The one of the river is actually probably one of the widest parts of the river. Most of the trip was pretty narrow with a lot of switchbacks, probably depends on the water levels when you go.

04/25/2008 03:22AM
there are a couple well engineered beaver dams in there but a nice paddle...everything that has been said is accurate-current hardly discernible at times is moosecamp->fourtown, i think it took us 1.5-2 hours to paddle? here's a memorable moment from our trip last fall...
The Great Outdoors  
04/25/2008 07:28AM
Last summer had extremely low water.

You won't have that problem this spring or early summer, as the water will be at record high levels then.
04/25/2008 07:37AM
I would recommend you check trip report titled moosecamp solo by tom t-I'm doing same trip in 3 weeks.Something tells me this is going to be good.
04/25/2008 11:04AM
tg, I think I know why it was harder for you. You may not have noticed, but there is a moose in your canoe.

04/25/2008 11:56AM
hey bannock-i'll be damned!

actually that wasn't me (or my group)-just some hunters we met...dude dragged that canoe loaded with ~800# rack of animal and man over the damn dam-guy in the back didn't lift a finger.

note to self-this is the treatment rental canoes get
04/25/2008 01:16PM
Before my trip last year I was told, "Beware of the Mighty Minnesota Moose God". I wasn't exactly sure what that meant but in seeing the photo above, I don't think I'll have to worry about that this year.

Wow that must have been some bull!
06/03/2008 03:21PM
we paddled from moosecamp lake to fourtown via moosecamp river this may 2008, no probs. the river runs north to south, and there are lots of beaver dams you will have to pull your canoe over. if you run it south to north, you'll be against the current and going uphill against the dams.
06/04/2008 08:29AM
Sorry I am late with this information.

We paddled from Moosecamp to Fourtown on May 8th of this year going with the current-it was a great paddle. It took a little over 90 minutes and we did not paddle hard letting the current do most of the work.

Water levels were extremely high causing only two lift overs-one at the old log sluiceway and one at a large beaver dam. There were two other dams we could paddle right through.

We saw a dead Moose Carcass on the west side of the river about 2/3 of the way to Fourtwon.

There are lots of old trees that had been cut down in the early part of the century and got stuck in the mud. In addition we saw chains, eyehooks and other artifacts in many of the logs as we passed by.

The high rock cliffs on the eastern side areimpressive to look at.

Definitely an area to paddle through but easier going from Moosecamp than paddling up from Fourtown.

06/04/2008 10:50AM
bogwalker, thanks a lot for that update, I really appreciate it. Our party of 3 will be going through there at the end of the June and I hope the water is still up. It sounds like a nice paddle and I'm definitely looking forward to the trip.
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