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04/23/2008 10:21AM
I was wondering how many of our fellow canoeist enjoy nude canoe/kayaking? Also seeking like minded friends for trips in the future.
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04/23/2008 10:26AM
04/23/2008 11:02AM
This could get scary.
04/23/2008 11:07AM
Once, I did it on a canoe! Somebody had to say it first. Does that count?
04/23/2008 11:15AM
Hey, I just thought of a name for my canoe!
04/23/2008 11:17AM
Thats the first and hopefully the last time if heard that... just think of the bugs!?!?! it would be HELL!!! and youre gonna need a whole tube of sunscreen per day...
04/23/2008 11:17AM
Is that you, Kurps?

It is you, isn't it...

Kurps true identity is finally revealed.
04/23/2008 11:34AM
Any pictures?
04/23/2008 11:43AM
well, it would keep people off the lake i was on. :)
04/23/2008 11:52AM
I don't even canoe in shorts. My thighs get too burned. Can't imagine the burned places if wore less. :)

04/23/2008 12:29PM
Sounds like a new private group will be starting up soon. LOL
04/23/2008 12:36PM
If this new group does form, they shall be restricted to lakes such as Moon and Melon.

04/23/2008 12:38PM
and its name shall be...canuding.
marc bates  
04/23/2008 12:43PM
I will make sure I don't plan a trip when that group goes. The Bigfoots joining the canuding group, just scares me.
04/23/2008 12:54PM

Portage etiquette

Proper portage etiquette must be rewritten to define rules of right-of-way for nude encounters.

I suggest that on meeting a nude canoeist of the opposite sex, then the clothed canoeist would be required to yield the trail (whether carrying canoe or pack), look back, and watch the stride.

Usual rules of encounter would apply for meetings of the same sex clothed or unclothed.
04/23/2008 12:57PM
Brings new meaning to the photo contest:)
04/23/2008 01:20PM
Oh wow...
04/23/2008 01:35PM
04/23/2008 01:43PM
A skinny dip now and then, and often canoe without a shirt. My wife goes shirtless much less often than I do.
Camp Cook  
04/23/2008 01:57PM
I once tried canuding in early spring but the embarrassment following one particularly deep, wet landing was more than my pride could muster.
04/23/2008 02:45PM
I have now heard it all!

Just when I thought that nothing here would surprise me.

It is just not possible for me to learn anymore foolishness about the BW.
Arkansas Man  
04/23/2008 02:51PM
All I can say is that there are some things in life that just aren't right... This is one of them!! getting a fishhook in the wrong place... Ouch!! Catching a northern that gets loose in the boat and snapping it's jaws everywhere! Needless to say the sunburn factor mentioned by Bannock!! I don't want to picture having to rub suntan lotion everywhere! Honestly, what would you do if you came to a portage where there were two naked men loading up packs to head across the portage?? If it were women, most men would probably offer to help!! No thank you, I'll keep my clothes and my dignity on and intact;-)

04/23/2008 04:10PM
We just missed seeing canuding last July. We were paddling in on the Moose River and a couple came around a corner in front of us with the female quickly putting her bikini top back on. I always thought you were supposed to be quiet so you could see the wildlife! If only we were a little quieter...
04/23/2008 04:36PM
....wildlife....or wild life?
04/23/2008 04:36PM
Kevin Callan had a brief article in the most recent Canoe Roots about skinny dipping on a trip. I think he felt it was less embarassing to skinny dip than to do as his partner did -- wear a speedo. For me I don't think it would matter. The speedo would just disappear anyway.

04/23/2008 05:06PM
I'm with Arkansas Man. Skinny dipped last year when it got hot, but the lake was all ours. I kept thinking of the stray northern who was looking up from the depths. I mean, they bite fingers dangling from a canoe sometimes, right? I was a little concerned. Maybe Rapala could come out with a naturist pike lure. Yikes.

I would imagine such an encounter with a northern would mandate an emergency airlift out of the wilderness.

04/23/2008 05:07PM
Not members, but tripmates 1987 McKenzie Bay.

Clothes went back on for the portages.

Hottest May trip I've ever been on! [weather wise]


04/23/2008 05:16PM
All the more reason to go in may. I dont want some lumberjack canudeling around my camp. It scares the fish.
04/23/2008 05:20PM
If you wear your lifejacket it's not technically "nude" right?
04/23/2008 06:12PM
For those who never lived out west this probably seems like a stranger idea than if you lived in California or something. Couldn't count the number of people I've come across in the wilderness there and that doesn't even include hot springs.

Caught a 5lb largemouth that way once in BWCAW. :-) For me though only when base camping on a dead end side trip lake though cause I'm fair skinned and only if the fall with no bity buggers flying around. Nice way to hang out in a hammock reading or listening to tunes after a dip too. Then there's the portable shower thing that warms up in the sun that I wouldn't bother with a suit for anywhere.

Frankly the place is big enough that when away from put in's, crowded lakes, and portages what's the difference. Plenty easy to avoid close contact with others and find a campsite that's not on a canoe freeway to camp however you want too.

Four other words . . .
04/23/2008 06:31PM
I've gone for a dip, tanned even lounged in my hammock with nothing on but my keens but the thought of going out for a paddle never even occurred to me.
04/23/2008 06:37PM
I never canuded, but once a friend and I dumped my canoe on Michigan's Jordan River in November. We stripped off the wet clothes as fast as we could and were digging out the dry ones when three couples paddled around the bend and had a good chuckle at our expense. Probably surprised them to see any paddlers in November, let alone seeing ALL of the paddlers.
04/23/2008 07:29PM
First one to come up with an ice fishing story is gonna impress me.
04/23/2008 07:41PM
ok. id like to be copyrighted everytime the word canuding is used from now on. (c) kanoes

its my word and i want recognition damnit!

04/23/2008 07:46PM
If you spell check "canuding" one of the alternatives is "canoodling". defined below:
ca·noo·dle /k?'nudl/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[kuh-nood-l] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
–verb (used with object), verb (used without object), -dled, -dling. Slang. caress, fondle, or pet amorously.

That said, the late Lewis Grizzard once defined the difference between naked and nekked as naked is being nude and nekked as being nude and being up to something. So I guess canuding is canoeing nude while canoodling is canoeing nude while up to something? Now that could be interesting to encounter in the wilderness...

Ah, spring at last...

A sense of humor returns to the "Northwoods".
04/23/2008 08:12PM
I don't skinny dip, I chunky dunk.
04/23/2008 08:14PM
04/23/2008 09:14PM
I once watched a gorgeous naked woman skinny dipping on the little island on the east half of Ensign while our newby emptied the food pack and nearly in tears he declared we forgot the food. Four days later we swapped coffe for smokes with that same woman. I have a feeling though that I would not want to see most of the people who are willing to be nude in the open in front of God public and everyone. We need pictures if we are going to approve or disapprove.
04/23/2008 09:23PM
I must come forth to clear my sullied name.

I am not the nudist, I'm far to white for that.
04/23/2008 09:27PM

think maybe she is still there?
where is that island
04/23/2008 09:29PM
Sorry Kanoes. I just Googled "canuding" and up popped 1,140 hits in 0.40 seconds. You might want to get yourself a good trademark attorney. You are in violation. :-)
04/23/2008 09:40PM
Q: Do you know what kind of canoe you need to paddle in the nude?

A: A stripper!
04/23/2008 11:28PM
I'd never say never.
04/23/2008 11:40PM
Funny...any other website with this kind of conversation and most of us would be called rapists and pedophiles. But somehow this doesn't seem strange.

I would try it, but I think my canoe partner might be blinded.
04/24/2008 08:21AM
Yeah, after I get back after being out canoe tripping for awhile it seems strange that I can't strip down in the clothing store isle to try on pants. I have to go to a changing room. Weird.

Weirder still is going INDOORS to go to the bathroom.

For a week or so after I return I can't eat lunch unless I'm sitting outside on a rock.

Anyone ever pick up a black garbage bag and think, "Emergency raincoat". :)

Arkansas Man  
04/24/2008 08:32AM
Talking about a shock to a Boy Scout Troop in the wilderness!!!
Scout Master to Troop: "Guys keep your eyes straight ahead and paddle hard!" And later to explain or attempt to explain, Troop those guys have been in the wilderness too long and have reverted back to native ways... I think!

04/24/2008 08:34AM
Canoeing au naturel was wonderful until the DC Metropolitan Police informed us that it is illegal on all waters within the city limits. Quite embarassing being hauled downtown wearing only a pair of handcuffs.

I'm joking of course.
04/24/2008 09:02AM
My ex-pastor tells a story of rounding a point on a BW lake with a group of Church kids and suprising a female foursome "tannuding" on a big flat rock. The next year, all kinds of young men "got religon" and wanted to go on the trip!
04/24/2008 10:12AM
OK, on a serious note here (if that's possible), isn't it illegal to be cavorting around in the nude in a public place? (like the BWCA)
04/24/2008 10:36AM
Decency laws on the books in Minnesota would apply because technically the BWCA is a public place. If they were looking to cite your for something it would be for indecent exposure (a misdemeanor) or possibly disorderly conduct (also a misdemeanor). If children are around it turns into a gross misdemeanor. Probably all depends on the mood the Forest Service Ranger and what your body looks like.

Here's a link to Minnesota's laws: Indecent exposure

04/24/2008 11:30AM
WOW! Lots of responses....remember this is just a one is planning to head out to the target or walmart to go shopping, or to visit the church lady at her campsite...there is an appropriate time and place and must be done with no intention of being offensive and or intrusive to anyone...
04/24/2008 03:04PM
I wonder who is the law enforcement responsible for gross lewdness or lascivious behavior in the BWCA....prolly the Forest Service.
If it's anything like around here they have one officer for 5000 square miles, and he doesn't have a canoe........get dressed before you get to town!
04/24/2008 03:37PM
Check this one out
04/24/2008 03:52PM
Looks like somebody else did a google image search. I'm just glad you didn't choose some of the others.
04/24/2008 04:02PM
This is a tad strange {the post},but as far as legality,a kid streaked at a high school football game in my town-got caught-now he has to register as a sex offender the rest of his life-it may be a misdemeanor,but I wouldn't want that on my record.Being not exactly an old hippie,but close,it doesn't bother me,but times have changed. You're looking for like minded friends? Is this a dating service? Maybe I got lost- good luck in your search.
04/24/2008 04:19PM
Naturelvr..........I'll try anything twice. Gotta be sure!
04/24/2008 05:30PM
That's what I love about this messageboard - informative and wacky. What will we discuss next? Ever gone hunting BARE?
04/24/2008 07:39PM
Do I hear naked volleyball??
04/24/2008 08:10PM
Never tried BARE but I do enjoy a good DEAR hunt.
04/24/2008 08:19PM
How do you protect your food from Bares? Do they make Bare Vaults?
04/24/2008 08:52PM
They are barely affordable.
04/24/2008 08:52PM
I saw a beautiful full moon one clear night in the Bdub. Later on it was sheer lunar madness.
04/24/2008 09:02PM
sirbill, all we take are hotdog's. The meat is kept in ZIPlocs and the BUNS stay in the TRUNKS.
04/25/2008 05:45PM
Oddly there is a canoeing (ok, "canuding) club called the Canoeing Bares. They have canoeing in common and going au'natual is accepted. Probably not not based around here though as their website seems to cover Maine to Florida. They have strict rules about conduct on these family oriented trips and it seems like anything they would do with clothing they're also ok doing without clothing.

I figure if it's okay to go skantly clad or nude in the privacy of your home, then when your home becomes the great outdoors and its every bit as private then why not. It would take a little courage to do it among others though.
04/28/2008 10:26AM
I go to the BW for the views and nudity, unless young and female, is not a preferred view.
04/28/2008 05:05PM
Well Naturelvr, there you have it. Minnesota isn't quite ready for the naturist movement. Some of us (including my wife and I) enjoy the full body version of sun, water and breeze but most save it for remote parts of remote lakes. For those of you that might stumble upon some of us swimming, sunbathing or even canoeing al'natural, just wave and move on. Well behaved naturists aren't lewd, we're just enjoying the world a little more fully. There's room for all of us if we mind our own business.
Patches the Canoe  
04/28/2008 07:56PM
Back when the group sizes were whatever you wanted them to be my highschool trip witnessed, what must have been at least 30 outward bound gals floating by topless in their canoes; while we were stopped on the opposite side of a point eating lunch.... no one said a word. Then my leader figured out what was going on and started talking loudly about where we were going to camp that night to alert them... I've never seen so much hair and t-shirts fly so fast.

You're only 15 once... but the memories last forever.
05/02/2008 08:56PM
By the's au natural.
05/02/2008 10:11PM
Thanks Bloomingtonsteve. I find Nekkid easier to spell. What would one mosquito say to another one when such a camper paddled by?
05/03/2008 07:13PM
My then girlfriend and I were canoeing on the Eleven Point river in MO and we both went shirtless. It was May and not busy on the river and there are no road crossings or road access for about 35 miles, so unless someone came up from behind you or you caught up to someone, there is no way anyone could see you. It has a strong current, so you don't meet other canoes.
05/03/2008 08:15PM
Me and the girlfriend (now wife) did the Eleven Point River in 1987. Excellent trip. Very quiet and scenic.

As for being naked in the BW - yeah, on Bologna Lake in the middle of the Frost River. It's extremely remote. There's a picture of me sitting in the shallows as I lathered up and washed my hair. (bio soap of course!) This was in 1986 I believe.

Everyone's gotta skinny dip right? I couldn't convince the girlfriend though...
05/08/2008 12:31AM
Rub-a-dub bub...three men in a tub?lol
05/06/2010 11:23AM
As I spent a little time on the site this morning, I stumbled across this thread. Quite a chuckler, if you ask me. Thought is was worth the bump.
05/06/2010 11:31AM
4 of us were nude canoeing on the current river in Mo. one afternoon. until sunburn put an end to it. We were in our teens and it seemed like a good idea at the time.
05/06/2010 11:51AM
Well, almost?

Hmmm, less clothes = more fishing gear?!

05/06/2010 11:56AM
Too much info...Too much info...Too much info.
05/06/2010 11:58AM
Two years later, the number of Google hits for "canuding" is 4,470 (up from 1140 in 08').
05/06/2010 12:06PM
When I said I wanted to see a bear on my last trip, I specifically did not include the word "A$$" after it!

talk about being frightened by a bear on a portage.
05/06/2010 12:34PM
quote Wallidave: "Well, almost?

Hmmm, less clothes = more fishing gear?!



I never want to see that in the BW
05/06/2010 12:37PM
I have surprised skinny dippers a few times in the BW. Question is with 250,000 some visitors each year, why do they always look so surprised to see you? And why do they run away? Why not stay in the water where I couldn't see anything?

My son and I ran across such a situation on Gabimichigami. We came around a bend and there were seven sunbathing young ladies, laying on a large flat rock, along the shore. The saw us, and one of them screeched, "People!" Then they all got up, and ran for camp. Made quite an impression on a 16 year old boy..he just smiled and shook his head.
05/06/2010 02:31PM
Gee! I was hoping for more pictures and links
05/06/2010 04:56PM
Wallidave thats just wrong. Must have been jenking ehhh.
05/06/2010 05:36PM
I guess I will have to stay clear of Ball Club Lake now !
05/06/2010 06:18PM
quote naturelvr: "I was wondering how many of our fellow canoeist enjoy nude canoe/kayaking? Also seeking like minded friends for trips in the future."

Thanks for bumping it up, Jackfish.

As to enjoying it, as a certified male chauvinist pig, I enjoy it when she a real good looking girl paddling by, otherwise.... not so much.
05/06/2010 07:31PM
Maybe this is how Weeny Lake over by Oyster got its name.
05/06/2010 07:35PM
Jan's new name would be Kanude's
05/06/2010 09:05PM
quote SunCatcher: "Jan's new name would be Kanude's"
LMAO!! Good one, SC.
Savage Voyageur  
05/06/2010 09:40PM
quote mooseplums: "quote Wallidave: "Well, almost?

Hmmm, less clothes = more fishing gear?!



I never want to see that in the BW"

Excuse me while I power wash my eyeballs with bleach.
05/06/2010 10:32PM
Notice naturelvr only has 2 posts total including this one? I'm guessing he was just doing some light trolling here. Nothing wrong with that...
05/07/2010 04:20AM
In answer to the OP...yeah, whenever weather and 'conditions' permit. I think this is one that fits into the "don't knock it till you've tried it" category. Some would enjoy it, some won't. I usually kayak, so there's less 'exposure' than would be in most canoes. When with a group, I keep a safe distance away so as not to offend anyone's 'sensitivities'. Most never know and the ones that do, know I'll be clothed when I come back.
Also I seldom wear anything when swimming....just doesn't make taking a shower in your work clothes. If there are others around, they're informed before hand. If naked offends them, they don't have to watch.
05/07/2010 05:28AM
For my part, I'm frustrated that a thread like this would end up on such an awesome forum. I hope this is the last one of its kind. Sorry to rain of this party, but I'm disappointed.
05/07/2010 06:58AM
quote BlackMagic: "For my part, I'm frustrated that a thread like this would end up on such an awesome forum. I hope this is the last one of its kind."
Since I'm the one who found it and made the decision to bump it to the top for chuckling purposes, I'll say that your wish will likely come true. I've been a member here for quite a while and threads like this are very rare. In fact, this is probably the only one that discusses canoeing nekkid.

With that said, it's kind of a fun (and funny) thread and one I wouldn't get too uptight over. I'm sure there are more people than those who will openly admit it that have spent a little time being nude in nature, maybe sun-tanning or skinny-dipping off a secluded campsite or paddling on a quiet lake with no one else around. There's nothing wrong with that.
05/07/2010 08:13AM
If you use a rental canoe, please don't canoe naked.

05/07/2010 08:24AM
There were a couple of people ( man and woman ) I worked with up in Ely that used to do this. They lived pretty much on a private lake, I think there might have been one other cabin on the lake. I did guide a trip with the guy once and he just stripped down at the end of a hot portage once and just jumped in. We were with three male clients at the time, I think they found it humorous. Myself I wasn't sure what to think.
05/07/2010 12:30PM
quote Savage Voyageur: "quote mooseplums: "quote Wallidave: "Well, almost?

Hmmm, less clothes = more fishing gear?!



I never want to see that in the BW"

Excuse me while I power wash my eyeballs with bleach."

Aw, take it easy;-) Everybody thanks you for posting my pic two more times...heeheehee...

This wasn't planned and sort of an example of how crazy we are about our fishing. I had gotten up early in the morning to answer natures call thinking I would come right back to bed for another hour. Standing there I noticed fish breaking the surface so I grabbed my umm, rod and started catching several nice smallmouth before the action died. I guess the fish can't see too good.

05/07/2010 01:02PM
Well Wallidave, guess you just proved its not the size of the worm but how you dangle it that catches fish. LOL
05/07/2010 01:46PM
I would rather canoe naked than swim naked. You never know what a cruising Northern might hit.
05/07/2010 02:12PM
Walliedave..that is funny..something to tell the grandkids?
Grandma L  
05/07/2010 04:14PM
This question would be better in mid-summer. Today you would need a parka!
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