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04/24/2008 04:38PM
I was wondering if anyone has been to Slim Lake off of Entry Point #6. I will be taking the in-laws up there in August, and was just wondering if anyone knew anything about Slim or the lakes to the North and West. Any help would be appreciated. Also, could you hear any boats from the North Arm of Burndtside Lake?

thanks for the help. I appreciate it.
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04/24/2008 05:13PM
I've been to Slim or through it 5 or 6 times. Almost always the first week in June. The sites on Slim fill up but we have had no trouble getting on the site on Hook. The walleye action on Slim is good but all we've caught on Hook and Keneau were Northerns. Rice lake is shallow and unremarkable. The portages are ok but do not appear to be used much past Slim. The portage to Big Rice is fun to walk but can be an adventure at times, I guess that is what makes it so much fun, it is not marked right on the maps so it took us a couple hours to find it the first time. If you have any more questions feel free to e-mail me.

04/24/2008 06:01PM
thanks for the reply. very helpful. Did you ever hear any boats or anything from burntside when you were on slim? or hook? thanks
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04/24/2008 07:04PM
wildasp, I replied to your other thread, just so you see it. :)

I never heard any boats on Hook. We did, however, hear a good number of airplanes.
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04/26/2008 12:30PM
I will second that we could not hear any boats but the planes fly over the north end of slim. I found that quite annoying.
The Great Outdoors
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04/26/2008 04:20PM

For the most part, there is not much boat traffic on Burntside during the week.

Also, it is unreasonable for a person to go one portage off a motorized lake with many cabins, and expect to have total silence.

The planes flying over are most likely Forest Service, and they are there for your benefit.

There are far more daring trips that would give you the solitude you seek anytime between Thanksgiving and Easter.

Now you're talking quiet, no people, no bugs, & no planes!! :)
05/02/2008 08:25AM
I did slim with my mother two summers ago in early July (2006). I was 24 (female), she was 45. We had a fantastic time. We stayed on Slim, the first campsite to the north. We did a day trip into Hook, which is really quite lovely. (I enjoy rocky terrain) I thought the portages were a little difficult to find. There appeared to be alot of paths off of Slim into the woods, connecting with Rice. We went into the lower end of Hook and checked out the camp site. I really liked it. There is a huge rock face which I jumped off of. Very clean camp site. There is also a huge cliff across from the camp site. Very picturesque. We went into Keneu ( a dead end lake). I didn't really care for it. We had a lunch break on the camp site there. Had no luck fishing. The camp site is okay. A lot of room to explore.
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