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      A Paddlers Guide To Quetico Provincial Park by Robert Beymer     
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distinguished member(773)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/09/2015 04:35PM
This book is available NEW from Fishers maps for 10.95. I've seen and heard people mention how hard it is to find, how it is no longer available new, and how expensive it is. Hopefully this will help people who would like a copy.
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distinguished member(5408)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
08/09/2015 07:00PM
Ya, I've told some people about it and there was another site that had it for $15.95.
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08/27/2015 10:59AM
Definitely a very helpful book, at least it was for me. After deciding the Boundary waters wasn't for me (waiting in line at portages) I decided to head to the Quetico and spent many hours pouring over Beyers book.

After some time opened up for me I decided, based on Beyers book, to do the Hunters Island loop. I still remember his quote which inspired me....... "this loop has it all"........

I was either very dimwitted or adventurous (perhaps a bit of both) as I took the trip on in a vessel i had never paddled and had only purchased a month earlier. And it was my first time in the park.

I loaded up at the banks of Moose lake, shoved off and thought for sure I was going over within the first 10 feet. The Bell Merlin carbon fiber came with the seat hiked to the rails practically. Action Sports in Jackson Michigan where I bought the boat gave me a set of seat drops to install and I took them more on a whim not really thinking I would need them. I just barely made it back to shore and had to borrow a multi tool to install them. Ahh, that was better! And the adventure began.........the trip was quite awesome and I become hooked and the rest, as they say, is history.
distinguished member(501)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/27/2015 03:45PM
I treasure my copy (purchased in 1985) like an old trusted friend. Good lord, it's 30 years old now! I paid $7.95 back then. Maybe I should buy a new copy just as a back-up. LOL

10/24/2015 04:53PM

A great guide book indeed. It was out of print for awhile, but it seems it's available new via the "Boundary Waters Journal" and their website.

A Paddler's Guide to Quetico Provincial Park

Although Kevin Callan's "A Paddler's Guide to Quetico and Beyond" is a better read, Beyer's Quetico guide is incredibly helpful for calculating a daily traveling itinerary. Almost a must have for a Quetico first time tripper in my opinion.

I literally wore out my 1985 copy, which was the initial year of release. Some of the information is a little dated, because Robert Beyer essentially compiled most all of the book's data during the summer of 1984. Surprisingly I didn't cross paths with Mr. Beymer, having spent 4-weeks in Quetico in the summer of 1984 myself.

Hans Solo
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