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10/28/2016 01:44PM
Several months back I read something profound on this website; something that I had never really thought about but that made so much sense. If you don't eat it at home, why would you take it with you on a trip? I started utilizing that theory doing menu planning for the BWCA. I don't eat pancakes, oatmeal, trail mix, raisins, granola or protein bars normally at home because I don't like them. So why do I think that I would like them while camping?

I now think about things that I like and go from there. Popcorn is a perfect example. I love to sit back and watch a movie or a sporting event and snack on popcorn. It is easy to prepare over a campfire or stove. You can likely use the same pot that you heat water or cook with (make sure you have a lid). I bring a small bottle of ghee (clarified butter) and a small ziplock of popcorn. Heat up the ghee, add the popcorn, cover, shake periodically and in no time you have a warm delicious treat. I love this sitting around the campfire, eating right out of the pot.

Some ideas:
- add a little sugar to the ghee and you have kettle corn (possibly sprinkle with some cinnamon)
- add some brown sugar to the ghee and you have caramel corn
- sprinkle with garlic salt and parmesan cheese
- sprinkle with truffle salt and parmesan cheese
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10/28/2016 03:25PM
A lot of what I eat at home is influenced by what my wife likes, so that changes things. Also, no refrigeration and having to carry it all change the parameters. Then, I was at Philmont, and I never really liked mustard or spam, but learned to while there. (Can't say I buy spam to eat at home yet.) I don't eat many dishes at home that I eat when out, so not so odd. Last, as our food planning has evolved, I do plan more like what I like to eat at home; for instance dry cereal and milk - Nido on treks - for breakfast.

But I have to know, do you take a device to watch a movie to go with popcorn? They seem linked. :)

distinguished member(7245)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
10/28/2016 04:34PM

simple answer, jiffy pop! it's lightweight and quite the treat!

i think we try to choose foods that are lightweight, and we like the food. we might not necessarily eat it every day in regular life.
distinguished member(1073)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
10/28/2016 07:36PM
billconner - no, I don't take a device with me to watch movies. As much as I like gadgets, a GPS and an Inreach are pushing the limits for me in the BWCA. Great question though. I just like to sit back, watch the flames dancing around in the fire, and think how lucky I am to be there.

Mocha - Jiffypop is a great idea. It does take up a little more room and you do have to pack out a little more waste however. I suppose you could repurpose the "pan" and use it to cook with for the remainder of the trip. Ha ha.
10/31/2016 12:37PM
I like Jiffy Pop, especially when there's a trash can nearby to dispose of the remains when you're all done. Maybe I'd take some on a basecamp trip.

I can't think of Jiffy Pop and not remember digging out the partially burned remains of 3 of them from the fire pit at the "trigger" site on Gun Lake a cold September day several years ago.

I like your idea of Ghee Northwoodsman. Vegetable oil or crisco would also work, given the number of people who have fish fry supplies in their staples a cup or so of popcorn wouldn't be too much additional space or weight.
11/10/2016 09:24PM
Solo I don't take popcorn but I do take enough for at least one or two nights worth when I go with my son. I have done the Jiffy Pop, but have really had mixed results with it. I find that just some oil in a pan with a lid and leather gloves to shake everything. Think I'll go pop some now ;-)
11/10/2016 10:07PM
Refined coconut oil makes for awesome popcorn! Only way I make it now.
distinguished member(4323)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
11/10/2016 10:37PM
I've never had Jiffy Pop in the BW. I have, however, had it at 10,000 feet while camping in a snowfield in the Sierra. We also had a few brews chilled in the snow. Yeah, it's a lot to pack out but the style points are worth it.

Popcorn made in a pot in the BW might be worth a once a trip treat. Hadn't thought of that before.
senior member (87)senior membersenior member
11/17/2016 01:13PM
Jiffy Pop is a must, fun to make, great little treat around the campfire.
Savage Voyageur
distinguished member(13181)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished membermaster membermaster member
11/20/2016 06:48PM
We bring popcorn every trip. We make it with butter flavored Crisco, then put butter and salt on it. Nice snack after dinner.
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