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01/22/2017 02:46PM
Live the Northwoods lifestyle you have always dreamed of when you purchase this premier outfitting business. Excellent cash flow coupled with excellent future growth potential. Contact Dan Houle at 218-235-0413 or email Associate broker Minnesota Resort Sales

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01/30/2017 09:08AM
All you have to do is grab 300 grand from your sock drawer and give realtor dude a call.
01/31/2017 02:53PM
There is nothing to follow on this thread. I don't know who it is, but I do respect that someone is selling an active business and does not want their name bantered about which might turn away business this year. These can take multiple seasons to sell as has been seen with other outfitters. And the current outfitter I am sure is planning a smooth transition and continuing to run it professsionally until such a transition is complete. It is likely they spent most of their life building it and want to see it continue without interruption.
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02/01/2017 02:25PM
How much is in the treasury?
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04/20/2017 02:18PM
I'm always thrilled when Adam talks. He's so taciturn that when he talks, it's a big deal.
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08/15/2018 02:33PM
Smittys? Sold?
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