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05/27/2009 09:56PM
Anybody use these on their canoe and if so how do you like them?
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05/27/2009 10:52PM
I made one for my Magic and like it a lot. Not the best when time to portage but it cuts the wind better and keeps gear dry.
05/28/2009 06:55AM

On my first BW trip over 20 years ago, I had decided I needed a cover to help lower my wind resistance on my Sawyer Autumn Mist. I cut up an old nylon tent, enlisted a girlfriend who could sew, and bought some snaps from the local marina. It went together very well and after testing it on a nearby lake on a gusty day, both on and off I felt there was a significant difference. I have used this cover ever since when wilderness solo tripping, but that is reduced since I married the seamstress girlfriend and she prefers to go with me.


05/29/2009 03:14PM

I use one and like it a lot! No real problem on portages, just a few snaps and the packs are out. Makes a HUGE difference in the wind!

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