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09/09/2010 01:28PM
This has been for sale for awhile, I thought someone on here might be interested.
autumn mist
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09/09/2010 01:52PM
yup...was on craigslist quite a while. Looks like it sat out in the elements for awhile. I would like to see it in person and inspect that hull before buying.
09/10/2010 12:33AM
if its not a bell wildfire its crap!
09/10/2010 01:52AM
The shotgun damage description scares me. Good price, for a fine hull, though. If anyone here DOES buy it, I have a deck plate that I think will fit the broken one. I would like to have one again, but in kevlar. Not a good river boat (which is why I sold mine after a couple years) but nice flatwater boat. And, I venture to say, I could out run a Wildfire in that "Crap" hull any day of the week! TW

09/10/2010 07:23AM
This reminds me of something, How do you hold a bent/angled paddle? Anyone have a picture of the correct position?
09/10/2010 08:44AM
AAh Corndog,
Don't start getting technical now. Anyway that pushes you forward will work.
09/10/2010 09:30AM
Wonder why he doesn't show pics of the 2" crack or the gel coat dings? Hmmmm. Also says he wants you to see it in person before you agree to buy.
09/10/2010 10:11AM
quote tg: "if its not a bell wildfire its crap!"

Glad you like the new boat Rich :)
09/10/2010 10:40AM
Hey, Corndog. Here's a couple a pics. the forward end goes forward. For 20 some years I thought 60" wood paddles were the only ones for me. A friend gave me a short, light, bent shaft and I haven't gone back. I paddle mostly rivers, too. Bents aren't just for flatwater sit & switch; although; sculling strokes are difficult. Not that I don't occasionally enjoy my 60" beavertail on a long, flat stretch of paddling.

I, too, wondered about that crack. Just too many questions on this boat. TW

09/10/2010 06:16PM
ozark-you prolly would out run me or a better paddler in a wildfire. i mean if it came down to a race. hopefully it never comes to that;)

i've heard good things about the autumn mist, my post was just a PDA for my new boat (that mark who started this thread sold me).

09/10/2010 10:13PM
Anybody have a number on what that boat weighs? (Goldenglass layup)
09/11/2010 02:11AM
Hey TG, nah, it wouldn't be ME, it would be the BOAT (LOL)! It really paddles easily. Not a racing hull, but just easy to get up to speed. And any time I've had a new boat, I too believe it's the best out there (LOL)!

As for weight, it is about 52lbs as I recall. But, it FELT heavier to me because it was compacted into a smaller package. By contrast, my longer and slightly heavier royalex Northwind feels no heavier than my old goldenglass Autumn Mist. Not heavy, but not light. The goldenglass IS a nice, tough layup, IMHO pretty comparable to Wenonah's Tuffweave. You can look up Superior Canoe Company's website. They build Sawyer's now. Know a couple guys who have dealt with Superior and they have good things to say about them. TW
09/13/2010 09:22AM
quote cowdoc: "Anybody have a number on what that boat weighs? (Goldenglass layup)"

Its heavy, I have one and I'd say its pushing 60# - although I have never weighed it. I love my Autumn Mist and saw one on ebay in NJ that was for sale recently, but don't want to drive that far for a back-up boat. Maybe for a Blackhawk Starship :)

09/13/2010 11:43AM
Winemaker, I thought the same, but never weighed it. Would love to have one in kevlar. TW
09/13/2010 07:18PM
quote ozarkpaddler: "Winemaker, I thought the same, but never weighed it. Would love to have one in kevlar. TW"

Test paddling the Sawyer Autumn Mist in the kevlar layup Oct. 1st through the 4th. If we don't like it, the owner may want to talk to you. I'll keep you posted.
09/14/2010 04:20AM

In my view, Dave Yost's design of Sawyer's Autumn Mist is one of the finest boats I have ever paddled. For a big buy, its the perfect
touring boat and its has made it around Isle Royale and the BW. I've run it on small streams and class II water (not its best application).

I know Superior Canoes has the mold and I have flirted with having a kevlar one made and probably will at some point.


09/14/2010 09:26AM
Winemaker, you mirror my thoughts. Sold mine to help pay medical bills a couple years back. I have 2 friends who have bought canoes from Superior. One has a Sawyer Shockwave and one the Krueger-like Expedition canoe. They both speak well of the owner and the quality. If I Juuuuust had that winning Lotto ticket, I could buy every boat I want (LOL); of course, I need to BUY that ticket first! But, a kevlar Autumn Mist is at the top of my list. TW
09/14/2010 01:41PM
I have a goldenglass Sawyer Autumn Mist. I like it. I've never been motivated to weigh it. I can easily carry it. However, I took my royalex wenonah Argosy on a spring trip instead of the Autumn Mist and it was noticeably lighter.

I would have guessed the Autumn Mist was mid-40s in weight, but now I could believe it is in the low 50s. I'd be surprized if it was 60#s.
09/15/2010 07:03AM

Hey B.'

I have the same experience. My RX Wenonah Wilderness is quite noticeably lighter then the Sawyer, I'm taking it paddling in two weeks, I'll bring a scale...

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