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04/20/2012 11:34PM
What item(s) do you carry 100 percent of your time in BWCA?
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04/20/2012 11:46PM
Toilet Paper.
04/21/2012 01:09AM
100% of the time: Knife, waterproof matches,iodine tablets, map and a compass are on my body at all times that I am away from camp.

In addition my daypack has a head lamp, jacket, TP, bug spray, sunscreen, chapstick, water bottle, and first aid kit and is always in the canoe with me.

04/21/2012 04:52AM
Knife, lighter, baby wipes, bandana, Carmex, fishing license, permit.
04/21/2012 06:28AM
Knife, compass, bandana, water, lighter, (TP if the wife is along).

I don't carry my ID unless I have my day pack or I am fishing. I don't believe in having credentials along 100% of the time - it decays my sense of freedom and individualism, which are only illusions, I know, but it makes me happy to think I'm something more than a number.
04/21/2012 07:01AM
canoe,map,tp,undies,(they go together) flashlight, lighter, know, I always over-pack!!!
04/21/2012 07:05AM
BIC mini, multitool, compass, map, water filter bottle. You'd also have to pry my fishing rod from my cold dead hands.

Actually, I'm rarely away from camp without at least a small pack with essentials but these are the items that I can say are pretty much always with me and always get packed mo matter what.
Savage Voyageur  
04/21/2012 07:10AM
I compass, knife, and waterproof matches are always with me. They are no brainers and can fit on a belt or pocket.
04/21/2012 07:19AM
04/21/2012 08:57AM
I'd need to specify at camp or not. When not in camp I will have either my PFD on that includes a small first aid/ditch kit, PLB, map and compass, and knife. If away from camp hiking, a daypack is always with, that includes it's own set of similar gear, the PLB will go along as well. In camp the gear is there but not always on me.

04/21/2012 09:33AM
100% of the time? i guess id have to type my packing list in here. i take the same stuff every trip.
04/21/2012 09:58AM
Assuming you mean what do I always have on my person while in, knife and camera and the clothes I'm wearing, but the cloths change so not the same clothes 100% of the time.

Well, I confess, when swimming I don't have my knife or clothes except maybe water shoes. Since getting a waterproof camera, I usually still have that.
04/21/2012 10:45AM
When not in camp, I always have around my neck or in my pocket a compass, whistle, lighter, knife, and deep woods off.
04/21/2012 10:52AM
I assume you mean wherever I am when I am in the dub, not just at camp...

Knife, first aid/ditch kit, compass, map, matches and some snacks like candy bars or such.
04/21/2012 04:55PM
quote gassface: "What item(s) do you carry 100 percent of your time in BWCA?"

On my person I carry a knife/multitool, a BIC lighter and a compass. In the canoe or when traveling/hikingI also carry a camera, first aid kit, water, snacks ( I'm diabetic) and a ditch kit.
04/21/2012 05:04PM
ok, on my person then.

PLB, compass, whistle, knife, smokes, lighter, permit, and reading glasses.
04/21/2012 05:05PM
Gerber knife, windproof lighter, bandana, wetwipes, whistle.
04/21/2012 09:54PM
A canoe.
04/22/2012 06:28AM
Too much of me, but I'm wokring on it.
04/22/2012 06:39AM
quote Sides: "A canoe."

Man, that would make a midnight trip to the toilet into a whole new adventure.
Woods Walker  
04/22/2012 07:55AM
Canoe, Paddle, PFD, Toilet Paper, Compass, Map, Knife, Camera, Lighter, pack, food, multi-tool, Duct Tape, Hat... thats pretty much the things that have been on my trips 100% of the time. Other items have either been forgotten or left behind at times.
04/22/2012 04:46PM
Knife, FIre steel and Compass around my neck, PJCBs and Chapstick in my pockets and a Leatherman on my belt.
04/22/2012 06:40PM
04/22/2012 07:10PM
underwear, pants, shirt, shoes, knife, multi-tool, lighter, permit/ID, compass.
04/22/2012 08:08PM
Kabar knife, lighter, TP and a snack.
04/22/2012 08:50PM
Folding Buck knife of my grandfathers.
04/22/2012 09:24PM
core safety gear, otherwise it varies. I always have the anticipation that something great is happening and it will likely get better.
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