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11/04/2007 06:02AM
It is time to start the November 2007 Photo contest.

The theme for this month's contest is "BWCA and Quetico Rock". Post your best photos of rock and rock structure in the in the BWCA or Quetico.

Monthly Category: BWCA and Quetico Rock

- You must be signed in as a member with a valid email address in your profile to enter (or win).
- You can only enter one photo per monthly contest. You can enter the same photo if it did not win in a previous month.
- You must be the photographer of the photo.
- Photos are entered in the contest by making a reply posting to this message and using the "Add a photo to this message" link during composition. This will allow you to upload a photo from your computer to the contest or allow you to select a photo which you have already loaded into your photo gallery on this site. If you want to enter your photo in another way, please contact us.
- Please describe in the message where the picture is from.
- Judging will be done by the staff and moderators.
- A member may win once per year.
- Photos must be posted to this message by 11:59pm on Nov. 30st.

- Photos must be in jpg or gif format to be uploaded to the site. Contact me if you have something in a different format or are having problems uploading to the site.

Thank you for participating!


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11/04/2007 12:28PM
Along Devils' Cascade.
11/04/2007 02:18PM

McIntyre Lake, Quetico. On a hot summer day
11/04/2007 02:26PM
Very old fire ring (hey, they're made of rocks!) on Burntside( Budside on some maps) Lake in Quetico
11/04/2007 03:19PM
Rocky shore on Lake Four.
11/04/2007 04:19PM
Lac La Croix near Tiger bay

11/04/2007 04:37PM
Kawishiwi rapids.
11/04/2007 04:58PM
Kawishiwi Painted Rock
11/04/2007 06:08PM
some rocks are put there just to rest against and enjoy the surroundings. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
11/04/2007 06:44PM
Stone "bench" on Lake Four, the narrows on the way to Fire Lake

11/04/2007 06:49PM
Standing stone at a campsite on Lake Two- Yeah, I know only one photo counts for the contest...but there's so many great rocks!

11/04/2007 06:56PM
Quadga Lake
May 2005
11/05/2007 07:37AM
Turtle head rock formation on Mudro. It looks like a turtle with its mouth open.

If you need a larger file size i can upload the original
11/05/2007 11:30AM
Grace Lake: used as a backstop to keep the wind off of the propane stove. Note the wind breaks set up on both sides. We put the burner in the middle. It worked pretty well.

11/05/2007 06:04PM
nice catch! (eons ago) at "the" campsite on horse lake.Jan
11/05/2007 06:34PM
Seagull Submarine -- sighted surfacing at the east end of Lac La Croix.

That's the captain seagull up on the bridge, and you can see the periscope camouflaged as a dead tree... I always wondered why so many flotillas up there seem to zig-zag -- they're practicing serpentine convoy maneuvers to avoid torpedoes!
11/05/2007 07:18PM
11/05/2007 07:38PM
Pictograph cliffs on Jordan Lake

moose plums  
11/05/2007 10:18PM
My boys on Mountain Lake..those are some big rocks
11/06/2007 09:48AM
Given the recent weather in Ely, I thought this was an appropriate picture. North Kawishiwi River, March 2005.

11/06/2007 11:01AM

My dog on a rock on Thomas Lake.
11/06/2007 01:29PM

On Kekekabic Lake, northeast shore.
11/06/2007 04:37PM

Sand Point Lake - January 2007 (enroute to the BWCA)
11/06/2007 06:43PM
This rock is at the camp on Williamson Island on Insula. I took the picture September 2001.
Does anybody know who Williamson was?

11/06/2007 06:50PM

Cairns point the way on the Pow Wow Trail.
September 2006

11/06/2007 08:09PM
Sunrise on Shell
11/06/2007 08:36PM
Quetico - Cliff at Darky Lake Pictographs; October 2006
11/06/2007 09:54PM

Great to see all the rock pictures! I wan't sure if the theme would hit a cord, but frankly I enjoy the rocks as big part of my experience up there.
john 800  
11/06/2007 11:38PM
My wife on lake agnes in june of this year on the first day of her first trip to the bwca. Adam the rock theme is not something I would have thought of even though I just relized I have lots of pictures with rocks, it is a great idea.
11/07/2007 10:56AM
June 06 - First BWCA trip for all of us, a gracious high school teacher took us.
End of portage from Boot into Fourtown Lake.
11/07/2007 11:36AM

Vernon Lake's man made rock pool. I don't know when it was made, but it was nice to cool off in it last July of 2006.
11/07/2007 11:47AM
Trailrider...great pic.
11/07/2007 01:02PM

My 11 year old Cody.Huge rock bluff on portage between Horse and Fourtown,June 2007
11/07/2007 01:22PM
Kids on a rock....on a rock... Shell lake June 06
11/07/2007 01:26PM
Little Saganaga--August 2007. Check out this online geologic map covering a fair bit of the Boundary Waters (be patient while it opens, it's a huge file).
11/07/2007 05:28PM
"There's nothing but ROCKS, trees and water" - my wife's comment after rifling through my BW photographs.
moose plums  
11/07/2007 05:56PM
funny....that's the same thing my wife says! :)
11/07/2007 06:56PM
Somewhere near Vern Lake, Summer 1985

That's me on the right. (I've gotten bigger)
11/07/2007 07:00PM
Actually, there's a funny song about this... The chorus goes:

"'Cause we've got rocks and trees and trees and rocks and rocks and trees and trees and rocks and rocks and trees and trees and rocks and rocks and trees and trees and rocks and, ...waterrrrrrr!"

(Actually the song's about Canada, but I think it works pretty well for the BW too. I'll post a link to the mp3 if I'm allowed... moderators?)
11/08/2007 05:50AM
Does this count for a rock in Quetico?

No really this is my picture for the month! Low Water by chattern falls in Quetico same place where the other rock <------ was given
11/08/2007 07:59AM
A little Rocky waterfall on Lac Lacroix
11/08/2007 12:25PM
Crooked Lake

11/08/2007 12:57PM
Lake One Sept. 2005
This rock has a passenger.
11/08/2007 01:34PM
Rocky shoreline of Lake Three island site at sunrise. Taken August 31st, 2007.

11/08/2007 06:04PM
CIIcanoe - nice picture! Post-cardy.
11/08/2007 06:55PM
Cracked slate rock on portage between Cattyman and Adventure lakes
Ho Ho  
11/08/2007 08:13PM
This is the best theme yet! I had a hard time choosing my entry. I put nine of my favorite rock pictures into Ho Ho's BW/Q Rock Photos Album. But I had to pick one, so here it is:

Rock Sentinel on Range River, April 29, 2006
Portage Monkey  
11/08/2007 08:19PM
Hudson Lake Rocks!
11/08/2007 08:49PM
john 800-
any chance that campsite is in a bay on LLC?
11/08/2007 09:13PM
john 800  
11/08/2007 10:11PM
Jmunch nope, it was on agnes
11/08/2007 10:17PM
11/09/2007 07:39AM
Insula rock cliff
11/09/2007 10:35AM
Kurps, that water makes me want to just dive right in!
Lost Paddle  
11/09/2007 01:10PM

Fall 2006

11/09/2007 05:20PM

Cliff viewed from our campsite on Kekekabic Oct. 4th. Only day of good weather all week!

11/09/2007 08:45PM
8 Gulls on an exposed reef that appeared with low water levels Sept. 06 (Brule Lake). I wonder how many motors connected with this and how many lower units were busted off when motors were allowed on the lake, as this reef is out in the middle of the lake and normally under water.
11/09/2007 08:56PM
this doesnt count. ive always liked life sprouting from stone.
11/09/2007 09:00PM
Chia Pet
11/09/2007 10:08PM
Rock on Lake Three. (Same site as ChadLeo's!)
11/10/2007 02:21PM

Breif story---
Our canoe got stuck on a rock during a windy day on Ogish, my friend who was duffing got out to push us off, we ended up getting carried away by the current...
11/10/2007 07:35PM
Invisible Rock- Square Lake
11/11/2007 11:37PM
Slippery Rock
11/11/2007 11:39PM
11/12/2007 06:27AM
Howdy All,

This photograph was taken on Tuscarora Lake during our honeymoon in October 2006.

Cheers, Grizzlygator
11/12/2007 08:22AM
Hey Kanoes, that looks like Barley's new haircut!
Arkansas Man  
11/12/2007 09:38AM
This was an interesting rock in the middle of either the Boulder River or the Moose River... Dang I's getting old and forgetful!!


11/12/2007 09:39AM
Nice rocks. Isabella River. Not for contest, just sharing.
11/12/2007 10:06AM
Let's try this again :)

A sunrise kissed bank on Lake Saganagons, Quetico
11/12/2007 12:33PM
Strange rock in the fire. Quetico Park, Lake Agnes, July 2007

moose plums  
11/12/2007 05:38PM
Cowdoc- looks like LLC
11/13/2007 08:23AM

This is from August 2007 on Caribou Lake.
11/13/2007 07:12PM
I know I already entered, but I had to share this picture of the Boulder Bay Monolith at "10" rated campsite off of the last 65 rod portage to Lac La Croix. Not much for scale but this is at least a 20 ton rock.


11/13/2007 07:24PM
I know I already entered, but I had to share this picture of BWCA Agnes Lake (Easter Island like Turtlehead) Monolith at the middle campsite on the Northeast peninsula. October 2007.

11/13/2007 08:52PM
near lake insula 2005...tina trying to show off how strong she THOUGHT she was! :o)
11/14/2007 07:23AM
I believe it was Archimedes who said "Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world."

Arkansas Man  
11/14/2007 10:12AM
Not entered for the contest... but if you have stayed at this site, you would know this rock..


moose plums  
11/14/2007 04:20PM
Arkansas Man, Been there!
11/15/2007 08:01AM
Fourtown Lake, August '07
11/15/2007 08:15AM
Top of Lower Basswood Falls, August '07

11/16/2007 07:47AM
Lower Basswood Falls Spring of 2007
11/16/2007 07:42PM
This one doesn't count, but I thought I'd share. It's Table rock near Wednesday bay on Crooked lake. From what I understand, it served as a meeting place of the natives.
11/16/2007 07:58PM
Anyone recognize where this is?

11/16/2007 09:51PM
Our "weather forecaster" making a prediction that the storm is lifting on Lake Insula September 18, 2006. Reminding me of the words of Dylan "You don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows"
11/16/2007 11:31PM
crooked starwatcher?
11/17/2007 01:49AM
11/17/2007 08:22AM

Good guess, close but not quite there. Here's another clue on the same outcrop.

11/17/2007 08:34AM
Not a contest entry -- but a cool rock either the campsite on Finger Lake (north of Oyster Lake) on the SW side of the island.

11/18/2007 09:29PM
This one won't be in the contest either because I already entered however I think this is another popular rock, especially if you've been to Malberg.

11/18/2007 10:27PM
8 days 2 kids great trip in Aug, Insula at the North
moose plums  
11/19/2007 09:39AM
Starwatcher...Nice pics of the LLC pictos
11/19/2007 06:17PM
Camp # 1868, Friday Bay, Crooked Lake

Great rock "easy chair" (complete with a moss seat cushion) looking out into Friday Bay

11/19/2007 06:36PM
hey! sitting on moss is not low impact camping! :)
wave rider  
11/19/2007 07:15PM
This photo was taken near the falls on Rose Lake in May of 2007
11/19/2007 07:39PM
You got it right moose plums, LLC outcrop October 2007. Here's a fuzzy view of the entire outcrop.

11/20/2007 08:46AM
Baptism Lake
11/20/2007 01:29PM
Snipe Lake - August 9, 2007
11/20/2007 03:00PM
Near Atikokan
11/21/2007 01:32PM
The rock wall with pictographs on North Hegman.

11/21/2007 06:34PM
11/21/2007 07:50PM

Split Rock--on the Thumb-Beartrack carry..
11/27/2007 09:42AM

cliffs on Steep Lake

11/27/2007 02:09PM
Campsite on N. Kawishiwi River
11/27/2007 02:54PM
Eagleson - is that the campsite just before a 10 rod or so portage around a set of rapids?

11/28/2007 09:22AM
A Rockin' Lunch on Gabro

11/28/2007 05:01PM

I think that was the campsite just west of the Ojibway/Triangle Lake portage. Nice site with a small beach landing to the left of the rock.

11/28/2007 06:52PM
Playing with rocks on a rock. Insula Lake Aug. 2006

11/29/2007 09:32AM
Eagleson - that makes much more sense, now I recognize it. Just before the portage that gets you to this little falls.

11/29/2007 11:27AM
Hey Tom T.....that guy looks like he's throwing a perfectly good anchor rock into the lake!!!!
11/29/2007 07:03PM
It probably was. I took my 3 nephews and they had so much fun heaving boulders like that in the lake. We would walk shorelines and find all kinds of cool things.
11/30/2007 08:39AM
I know what you dad always took me and my younger sister from the time we could first walk out on his fishing trips and us girls could only sit in a canoe for sooo long that eventually he'd drop us off on shore to do exploring while he fished. My favorite time to explore shoreline is right after the ice out in spring when you find the coolest things!! But he always told us NO throwing the bigger rocks in the lake....for one there dosn't need to be any extra snags and #2 a good rock for an anchor should always be left for the next person....ya just never know!! I just had to laugh at your pic....reminded me a lot of my dad teaching us "proper fisherman" etiquette or at least trying!!!
12/01/2007 11:43AM
Yeah, I remember thinking at the time that it wasn't the best idea to be throwing big rocks in the lake but Dave in particular was having such a blast that I didn't want to spoil his fun. It was their first time in the BWCA.

My other nephew Paul - the one in the water, can skip rocks like nobodys business. I was amazed at what he can do with a flat rock. I think we counted 18 skips one time.
12/01/2007 02:53PM thats cool, I never was able to get good at skippin rocks welllll....unless you count goin ice fishin and getting a real good run for it-dive on your belly and fly over iced up rock islands in the lake!! When i was 6-7-8 years old i used to dread the looooong hikes to my dads favorite ice fishing places until we got there and i could get a nap and then start creating kill the boredom games like sailing over ice covered rocks on my belly!! Now i have a young son who i can't wait to bring out to our special secret fishin spots and see what games he comes up with!!
12/10/2007 07:59PM
The winner of the November photo contest is MooseTrack. Congratulations! The extra hat goes to HowardSprague.

The trip report contest winner is greybeard!

Thank you everyone for sharing your photos and trip reports!
12/11/2007 07:51AM
WOW I am truely speachless...thanks
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