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06/30/2005 08:28PM
I have to say I cannot make it any longer. I am ready to leave now and unfortunately our trip is not till the end of August. For now I guess I am stuck to day dreaming at work.

Anyways I have learned a lot from reading everyone’s posts, thanks. My question now is about our route. Our trip is made up of two experienced bwca-ers and two newbies. We are entering Magilnne river Quetico and exiting Mudro BWCA a week later.

Our trip looks like this so far,
Day 1 Minn Lake
Day 2 Darky Lake
Day 3 Brent lake
Day 4 Moose Bay
Day 6 Fourtown Lake
Day 7 Out Mudro

I skipped one day because we are planning on a layover base camp one day. Does this look like good trip? Please let me know if so why and if it is no good also give me points as well.

Thanks again all
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07/01/2005 12:04AM
at a glimpse it looks good!!!!
I shall check the maps on my wall and have something intelligent to say in a day or two............

till then DREAM ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 days to go for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07/01/2005 11:22AM
Bogwalker if you have a minute I would be curious to hear what you think of this route,

Thanks and Happy 4th to all
07/01/2005 11:37AM
It looks like a great trip-a couple of questions.

What is your route between Brent and Moose Bay? How will you get between the two. Looks like an agressive day-but I may be missing something. I may have an alternative-lesser travelled route going through Hurn-which is a very pretty lake.

I also think staying on Argo is a must-I love that lake!!!!Can you find time to get to Argo for a night instead of Brent???

Are you headed down Horse River after spending the night on Moose Bay? Why not stop on Horse Lake instead of going over to Fourtown before heading out? You could come out through Tin Can Mike and Sandpit (I know the portage Sandpit to Mudro going that way is tough) but I like the scenery and route going that way better, even taking into consideration the tough portage. The three portages out of Fourtown are not a cakewalk either.

Let me know a couple of more details and I'll give you more thoughts.
07/01/2005 12:59PM
Thanks for the quick reply. I am going to look over my maps and check out some of the lakes you talked about. Right now we are open to anything in that area. I have not been in that part of the park for a long time. So if you thought a completely different route would be better let me know. Besides that I will get back to you on some of those minor changes.

07/01/2005 03:21PM
I would think you could go from Minn to Argo in a day. From Argo I would go through Hurn down to Ted stay on Ted (pictos and a note jar on Ted) if you want. From Ted it is a rugged day through Earl over to McIntyre or Robinson. Robinson into the BW through Crooked Lake into Gun or Boot.

Day 1 Minn Lake
Day 2 Argo
Day 3 Ted
Day 4 McIntyre or hopefully Robinson
Day 6 Boot or Gun by going down through Friday Bay and Wagosh
Day 7 out Mudro

This is an agressive route but some parts are less travelled. Check it out and add any thoughts. I have to rellok at the maps when I get home if this is too far on a couple of days. I think it could be done.
07/05/2005 08:11AM
I looked at my maps at home and feel going from Ted to Newt and Little Newt and then into Gardner Bay might make even more sense. From there you can head to Friday Bay and the route down through Chippewa and Wagosh to Mudro.

Of course this route you miss Basswood falls area and in exchange you get Cadillac Narrows and the old car along shore and the peace and solitude of the Wagosh-Chippewa-Papoose area. It is a more direct route into Fourtown and then to Mudro.

Just another option to your route.

Day 1 Minn Lake
Day 2 Argo
Day 3 Ted
Day 4 Gardner Bay or Crooked Lake Thursday or Friday Bay
Day 6 Boot Gun or Fourtown by going down through Friday Bay and Wagosh
Day 7 out Mudro
07/05/2005 06:45PM
Thanks for all the work you have put into helping me. I like the last suggestion you gave. I wanted to know what getting from Ted to milt newt and little newt would be like because there are no portages marked? Just because we have two new BWCAers I might take the longer way around with trails that are used a little more. Also about how long do you think it takes to get from gun or boot lake area to mudro exit?

Thanks again for your words of wisdom
07/06/2005 07:06AM
The portages from Ted through Newt and Little Newt are there but can be hard to find and can be difficult. Going down through Ted to Robinson can also work-will probably take longer, but a more often traveled route. From Robinson either portage directly into Crooked or take Craig to Bart and then into Crooked Lake-this last way is how I would go. Those two portages are pretty easy and not very long and will save time on Crooked putting you right into a bay near Thursday Bay.

As far as time to Mudro EP. Gun to Mudro will be about 6-7 hours, Boot Lake will take about 4 1/2-5 hours. The only portages along this part of the route I would consider difficult are the three between Fourtown and Mudro. Some call it the Goat path as the middle portage skirts a cliff and has a steep first part of the portage to get up the hill. Not long or technically real difficult but a challenge. They are very easy to spot and the paddling time between portage 1 and 2 and then 2 and 3 are little and will have you frustrated having to load the gear to paddle 100 yards only to have to get back out and portage some more.

Make sure you get the proper BWCAW permit (EP 71) to reenter from Canada and Quetico with so you can camp on the US side your last night.

Have fun and enjoy.
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