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02/18/2008 08:21PM
Anybody make one? Shell-lined wide thwart bag? What's a good one. Looking at GG Wedge.
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02/18/2008 08:27PM
very spendy for what ya get (the GG). ive been looking too.
02/18/2008 08:43PM
You might want to look at Cabela's, they have an under seat, thwart and bow bag. Cost less than GG.

I use the thwart and bow bag all the time. A little on the heavy side but extremely durable.

02/18/2008 09:01PM
I too got this at Cabela's. It is not a thwart bag, but I use it as one. I like the side pockets and then the big pocket in the middle. I hang it on to the thwart by the plastic loops where the shoulder strap hooks on and bungee balls.

I've seen it multiple times at Cabela's for under $10.

02/18/2008 10:27PM
I got the GG Wedge, larger size, for 50% off at Scheel's a couple years ago. Would have gotten it much earlier but couldn't see dropping the $49. Now, after using it, it seems that maybe it would have been worth it even at full price. My only beef: the zippers are not all that easy to pull one-handed... something to do with the waterproofing coating (which I've heard folks say doesn't work 100% anyway...) but I do love the design and rank it right up there with the better things I've finally added to the arsenal lately. A lot fewer loose items when we hit the portage.

02/18/2008 11:31PM
Saw a Seattle Sports Lattitude sack. Possibilities. maybe can modify. Kanoes? any ideas? Waterproof zipper? I dont know, still looking!
02/18/2008 11:40PM
I took a medium size fanny pack and had two staps with buckels sewn to the top of the pack. The pack staps on to the thwart while in the canoe, at the portage the fanny pack straps to your waist and away you go with the canoe over head our one of your gear packs on your back. The fanny pack also has two water bottle holsters to keep H2O handy. Plastic D rings are on the pack and I clip my map case to them and keep my map from blowing over board. Hope this helps.


02/19/2008 02:40AM
Tony-that is a great idea. I was actually looking at fanny packs thinking that one would make a good thwart bag. I have a Duluth Pack thwart bag that I like-partly for the nostalgia but I have to admit that it throws my balance off significantly for portaging-I spend a lot of energy pulling the front end of the boat down. I often will detach it and carry it separate for this reason. But it is the perfect size for my tackle and convenient for keeping small items handy in the boat. The other reason I was thinking fanny pack was for climbing around rocks fishing from shore. It would be nice to have my tackle attached to my person rather than occupying a hand or sitting over on "that other rock."
Thanks for the idear
02/19/2008 02:49AM
as uncool as fanny packs are (at least in name)...

perhaps i should look at lumbar packs-yeah that's the ticket!
02/19/2008 12:59PM
I have a GG wedge thwart bag and don’t remember what I paid for it, but have always been real happy with it. I leave it attached when I portage filled with the miscellaneous things I need to keep close at hand. I didn’t admit to this in an earlier thread, but I also keep both of my telescoping rods and reels in it when portaging. Don’t know what I’d do without it.
02/19/2008 07:55PM
Last spring I bought a Mountainsmith "fanny pack" It is way better than what you are thinking. You can see what it is by looking here:

They call it a "lumbar" pack. You can wear it and still carry a pack too. You can take she shoulder strap off if you prefer. I clip it to the thwart and use it to carry all my fishing gear as well as the permit, and other esencial supplies. I am vary happy with it.
02/20/2008 07:12PM
I have a GG wedge, the larger one, and love it. I also have a GG pack (Nimbus Great Northern). Those straps on the wedge with the clips on them snap onto D rings on the shoulder straps of the pack so you can hang it in front of you on the trail. Handy if you happen to want to get into it. Also provides a little counterweight for the pack. It can be adjusted low enough to not obstruct your view, you can even cross your arms and rest them on it.
02/20/2008 08:19PM
These are the bags I find at Cabelas. How many people use each of these.

I am thinking the under seat storage back would be great for the tackle box.

obviously the thwart bag for all that other stuff.

But how about the bow bag? do to the locations is it a bigger pain for portaging or those of you that use them , do you just remove it and attach it to your pack?

Bow Bag (10"W x 7-1/2"H x 3-1/4"D)
Seat Stowaway (11"W x 12"H x 4-1/2"D)
Thwart Bag (17-1/2"W x 7"H x 7"D)
02/20/2008 08:46PM
Used a tube style gymbag on thwart for a few years, but didnt shed water very well, and cut a zillion lures out of it. Want to make a semi rigid wedge where front lid folds down to make a shelf/table. Maybe even attach a stowaway tackle tray inside front door/shelf.Hey Kanoes, found GG wedge for 34. Would like to have20x9x9 though. Maybe I'll dig out the awl and see...
02/20/2008 08:56PM
OTH...where did you see that for $34?
02/20/2008 09:32PM
Kanoes, "Outdoors4less". in specialty bags category. Now I'm looking at splitting/modifying a "Watermark fishing chest pack" off STP @ $24 Double 11x9x4 side by side bags.... I can see it now!... The GG is ready to roll, though and set up for map case, etc. etc.... would like to see it 2' wide .
02/20/2008 09:38PM
They have the GG wedge at for $34 if you are a club member and $37 if you are not.

02/20/2008 09:42PM
thank you both.
02/21/2008 11:02AM

did you check out the ccs website? They have a thwart bag/map case that might fit the bill.

02/22/2008 03:53PM
SS, do you have a CCS thwart bag? If so, how do you like it and what can you fit in in?

Plus, CCS has a padded seat w/ side pouches. Anyone have any opinions how that feature compares with other seat pads with the storage underneath?
02/22/2008 05:36PM
I have a bow bag too. Both the bow back an the thwart bag come off the canoe and onto a pack for portaging. I rather like the way a well balanced canoe floats on ones shoulders. Bags bouncing around kind of wrecks that...
02/22/2008 09:06PM

sorry to say I don't have a ccs thwart bag as of yet. Maybe after I buy the car I need I can justify a thwart bag. I have met Dan and know the stuff is the best quality and I liked that you can have the map right there with something underneath for the compass or gps and that the bag keeps the map straight and readable.
02/23/2008 09:25PM
I had a large GG Wedge that I gave to my wife to use for when we canoe and she is in the bow. I swear she could stuff almost anything in it. Unfortunately we only had it for about a year as she forgot it at our take-out when we were floating once. I keep meaning to get around and replace it. Anyone tried Ebay?
02/23/2008 09:52PM
After looking at the thwart bags I went with the GG stowaway seat pack. I prefer having my fishing gear under the seat. It works great and I portage the canoe with the pack on the seat the entire trip. The plastic bottom of the bag is removable and works great for filleting fish or cutting up veges etc.
02/23/2008 10:04PM
I had a stowaway before I bought the thwart bag. There were a few things I didn't like about it.

1) It was a pain putting it on along with my crazycreek chair.
2) I like to alternate sitting and keeling when I paddle and it just hung to low.
3) Its not all that great digging things out from under your butt.

The first point is only an issue if you have a crazycreek and if you remove the stowaway from the canoe. I wound up doing this because we had a pair and loaded the heck out of them. With the royalex canoe (72lbs) I had at the time it all added up to more weight than I wanted to flip all day.

The second point is only an issue if you kneel. I realize not everyone does that but thought it worth mentioning.

The last point is just a common sense really, the thwart bag is right in front of you where you can easily see that's in it. Unless you're into yoga your goning to have a harder time seeing something you're sitting on.
03/03/2008 04:45PM
I bought Merganser's stowaways (literally) and I think they're great. You want to pack them so nothing bounces around - your rain gear, some fishing and some odds and ends and you're set. It is a pain if you packed a bunch of little things in there, but as long as you stay with modular items, it's pretty easy to reach beneath you and feel around for whatever you're looking for.
03/03/2008 08:57PM
I just bought one of these from Cabelas. It holds two 3600 size plastic boxes, which is about right for my BW fishing needs. I plan to sew webbing loops on the back to attach it to a thwart. These will close with fastex buckles. When removed from the canoe, I can use the same buckles to attach a shoulder strap so I can sling the tackle bag over a shoulder for shore fishing. That's the plan anyway... I'll let you know how it turns out.
03/06/2008 07:23AM
Hey guys,

I was at Cabelas yesterday and looked at their bags. They seemed durable and functional. I was suprised by how much capacity the thwart bag has. They are cheaper than GG or CCS. I didn't buy them yet, since I'm going to first evaluate the GG and CCS stuff at canoecopia.

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