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01/24/2008 03:21PM
I have a food saver and am wondering how long certain foods will stay fresh before they spoil. Since oxygen is what contributes to food spoiling, does this mean that something that is vacuum packed will last without refrigeration. I'm specifically thinking about sealing some raw or half cooked meats, will these stay edible after they unfreeze for a couple days? I am also thinking about half cooking some pastas, will these be good without refrigeration? I'm just wondering what kinds of foods would be safe to eat after being vacuum sealed, etc. I also have a food dehydrator, so I have that capability as well. Thanks.
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01/24/2008 04:26PM
I have been using a Food Saver vacuum sealer for a couple of years. I do not believe they are intended to be used as a substitute for freezing or refigeration. I think that food will spoil after they are vacuum packed in time. I do know that I have had better success with eliminating " Freezer Burn " on items that I have vacuum sealed and then frozen such as meat.
If you vacuum pack the meat you wish to take , freeze it , and then wrap it in newspaper and place in your food bag or cooler I don't think you would have much problem - depending on the weather. Vacuum sealing will also prevent leaks or the item taking on water in your pack.
I can tell you that several years ago we had some sausages late in a trip that were not kept cold and it wasn't a good thing. I guess that's why they still refigerate vacuum packed meats in the grocery store. Good Luck. Izzy
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01/24/2008 05:48PM
I also agree with izzy that vacuum sealing will not extend the time before spoiling of foods.

For our menu, we have our frozen meals the first two nights (steak and chicken) the remaining nights are dehydrated hamburger for spaghetti or chili, foil packed chicken with pasta and fresh caught fish.

By eating the the frozen foods first (16oz new york strip steaks) the food bag weight greatly decreases.

Dehydrated hamburger, fruit and veggies will easily last a week.


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01/24/2008 08:42PM

10 days into a two week trip my buddy was shocked to find that
his supply of German heavy rye bread was going bad--it was
vacuum sealed in individual slices that he thought would stay
fresh because the pack would not be open untill it was ready to
Guest Paddler
01/25/2008 09:27AM
Be very careful - botulism grows in environments that do not contain air which is why you should never eat food from a bloated can. I assume that vacuum sealed bags create the right conditions but I do not know how long it takes for botulism to grow. It may not be an issue for items that are sealed for a short time but it is just something that I am aware of when sealing food.
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01/27/2008 03:22PM
Vac sealers do not "extend" the life of your food.

They do however practically eliminate freezer burn & leakage and make a real convenient way to cook (bag in the pot).
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