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BWCA Information!

Permits will be available starting at 9 A.M. on Wed. January 31st, 2024. Contact an outfitter to book your trip or read more about permitting for self-outfitted trips at permit information site. Visit the trip planning messageboard to discuss trip ideas with members. Sign-up for our newsletter to keep up on changes and happenings with the Boundary Waters.

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Boundary Waters Canoe Area  Information Resource

A Virtual Entry Point into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) This site is dedicated to the sharing of information and experiences about the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and Quetico Park for canoe, camping, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Photo Contest

Enter our monthly Boundary Waters/Quetico Park photo and trip report contests! Share your photos and trip reports with other BWCA enthusiasts.

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Gear Guide

The new and growing gear & business guide! A growing list of products, companies, and services of interest to BWCA & Quetico area adventurers.

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Trip Reports

Publish and View Boundary Waters Trip Reports. a great way to share your Boundary Waters paddling, hiking, and camping experiences.

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View Boundary Waters maps starting at entry points or at a certain lake. Campsite locations are marked you can traverse maps with directional arrows.

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Canoe Country Outfitters

Outfitters are your source for permits, planning, canoe & gear rental, and most everything you need to have a successful trip.


LaTourell's Resort & Outfitters

There are many types of lodging to support one night stays to week long northwoods vacations.


True North Map Company

Check out the new and growing gear and business guide! The guide is a growing list of products, companies, and services of interest to BWCA and Quetico area adventurers.