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BWCA Mobile Map Apps

Are you interested in using your phone as a GPS? Below are some map apps and downloads that are options. Do not rely on your phone as your main navigational instrument. Always bring physical maps and a compass for the region you are traveling in.

Gaia GPS provides an app which allows you to download maps and data that can be used without a cellular network. You will need the premium version to store offline maps for travel in the BWCA. BWCA 25% discount on Premium Gaia GPS app.

Campsite and Portage Downloads

There are a number of application like Google Earth or phone apps like Gaia which provide topo basemaps of the BWCA, but they do not all have camp and portage details. You can download campsite and portage GPX files to provide this detail.

Campside GPX File

Portage GPX File

Campsite GPX File with Campsite Ratings

How to Install GPX Files

We have put together this video on how to install the GPX Maps

How to Download Offline Maps in Gaia

BWCA 25% discount on Premium Gaia GPS App required to download offline maps for use without cellular within the BWCA.

Physical Navigational BWCA Maps

Voyageur Maps are a goto waterproof paper for navigation.
True North Maps are unique high quality maps printed on cloth. They are functional maps and clothing combined into one!