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Date/Time: 08/06/2020 08:21PM
First Quetico Trip

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Chross16 12/19/2018 12:30PM
Thanks for all the great ideas everyone!
Eyedocron 12/17/2018 08:19PM
Wish you had 8-9 days. Go in at Moose to Prairie Portage entry. Bayley Bay - Burke - northeast to Silence - Agnes to Kawnipi, south east up the Falls Chain to Saganagons, cross Dead Mans Portage to Saganagons again, then south west down the Man Chain, Sheridan and home. If the wind is out of the west at Bailey Bay, just do the whole trip counterclockwise in reverse. Great trip.

If you really have only 5-6 days, you can go in from the north at Nym, down through Batch to Walter and Lonely, loop back north through Deus Reviers to the western end of Pickerel, and out. About 6 hours more driving, but you can get your entry with the nice ladies at the park headquarters in Atikokan and no three hour paddle to PP.

Fishing good with both options if you have the time.
AmarilloJim 12/17/2018 03:19PM
Chross16: "Thanks billconner! Amarillojim we are looking at 5-7 days. Thanks!"
I would do a BH entry and visit Cirrus/Quetico/Jean. If you're up there the last week of Sept. I might see you. I've been to this part of the park at least a dozen times since 1980 and it's always good.
Chross16 12/17/2018 01:41PM
Thanks billconner! Amarillojim we are looking at 5-7 days. Thanks!
AmarilloJim 12/17/2018 09:26AM
How many days?
billconner 12/17/2018 08:15AM
I don't fish, but the lakes around the Beaverhouse access are reported to be very good and "grand slam" lakes.

I didn't say the north side was "superior". I just like it better. More remote, I saw fewer other groups, seemed like more sites, bigger lakes (I like long paddles), and the permits are 25% or so less cost. Perhaps if you can arrange a shuttle, entering on the north and exiting on the south is the key.

If you do enter at PP, my two favorites are (1) up through Isabella, Kahshahpiwi, Trant, and south through S-chain and (2) the loop through Man Chain, Falls Chain to Wet, and McEwen Chain back through Louisa and Agnes. More solitude on no. 2, but probably less good fishing. Not sure.

And if you do enter PP, I stopped taking tows. Instead of lodging in Ely or at Moose and the early tow, I enter at Moose on BWCA permit and camp near PP, and then a few minutes to the ranger station. If it ever was raining, I might make last minute arrangements for a tow the next day and lodging, but hasn't happened yet.
Chross16 12/16/2018 09:41PM

Hi all, I was encouraged to post this here as well as the trip planning forum:
I am thinking about doing a first time trip to the "Q" with my buddy this September. I have been to the BWCA a lot as well as Woodland Caribou so we are experienced trippers. For some reason I have never dipped a paddle in the Q and think it is about time! I am looking for some thoughts and direction around a good trip route. We like to do a loop typically returning to our entry point. We fish and primarily target walleye and lakers. WE love adventure, little to no crowds, and work hard to get to prime spots so we arent afraid to put in the sweat equity for good spots. Any insights, thoughts, wisdom on good routes that fit the descriptions above? Thanks in advance for any thoughts you may have!