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Date/Time: 01/27/2021 05:09PM
Trip Report -

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TomT 07/16/2019 06:51AM
I was entertained by this tale of a trip. Very well done, thanks for posting. I'm curious if you are an author?
Selfsuffi 07/15/2019 06:24AM
Nice I would love to hear the perspective from Brian's side of this tale. Keep tripping!
07/14/2019 02:28PM
While watching 'A River Runs Through It" I was reading your report and got a good laugh.

boonie 07/14/2019 01:04PM
Thanks, enjoyed your report. It has the ring of truth, but seems like it might ramble around it from time to time, like a drunk in the dark on a quest for the missing latrine.
missmolly 07/14/2019 11:48AM
Funny guy!

Here's a sample, where's he's thinking about his paddling pal being sleeping bagless: "Being the considerate man I am, I'd have felt terrible snuggling into my bag and would've tossed and turned for a minute or two before dropping off."
johndku 07/14/2019 09:50AM
NIce report,,,,like a good book, couldn't stop reading. Best 8 paragraphs I read all week.
ArchiePelago 07/14/2019 09:22AM
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