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Date/Time: 06/18/2021 05:03PM
Outfitter review

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Reke0402 01/24/2020 08:54PM
Our first trip to the BWCA we went out Sawbill they are great cant say enough about them would use them again in a heart beat
boonie 01/24/2020 02:06PM
I do like cyclones30. I usually stay on North Shore the night before when going in #37, so I stop and get my permit the day before at Sawtooth and get an early start.
VaderStrom 01/24/2020 12:08PM
Sawbill is one of my favorites for sure! In the past couple years I've launched from there as well as purchased one of their refurbished used kevlar canoes. Always very friendly and knowledgeable. They even met me extra early last year to allow me to get on the water at daybreak.
moustachesteve 01/24/2020 09:38AM
Another endorsement for Sawbill. Haven't used them in a couple years but they've been great
deerfoot 01/23/2020 08:44PM
Thumbs up for Sawbill. Last used them in Oct 2016.
cyclones30 01/23/2020 08:17PM
I'll agree with the rest, both Sawbill up on Sawbill Lake and Sawtooth down along lake superior on Hwy 61 are good.

If you're starting or ending at Sawbill EP I'd go with them. If you're doing EP 37 then Sawtooth since sawbill is slightly out of the way.
lindylair 01/23/2020 07:39PM
I have been to sawbill a few times when in the area but have never outfitted with them. A fine place indeed and if you are entering at Sawbill Lake it would be the most convenient choice.

I have used Sawtooth in Tofte several times for canoe rentals, they have good equipment, are friendly and knowledgeable and will load your canoe or canoes on your vehicle for you. Also a nice little store with lots of last minute equipment or apparel choices. If you like the idea of getting the canoe on and driving straight to the lake and putting in, this could be a good choice too.

Don't think you can go wrong with either.
A1t2o 01/23/2020 07:07PM
Sawbill is great. They have a nice gift shop too. I love their beer glasses with the lakes on them. I haven't been there in years but plan on visiting them this summer.
Sandman2009 01/23/2020 06:24PM
Sawbill Outfitters are awesome. Assuming you are entering at Sawbill you can portage canoe directly from their office to boat landing. They also will teach you how to tie down canoe to vehicle if you are going somewhere else (Hog Creek, Kawishiwi, etc.)

They have nice hot showers and towel for a few bucks which is great for cleaning up after your trip. Sawbill F.S. campground is nice place to dtay before or after your trip inyo BWCA. You can reserve a campsite in F.S. on
sns 01/23/2020 03:46PM
Was perfectly happy with Sawbill O when we used them...
boonie 01/23/2020 02:33PM
Both are good - just pick the one that works best for your needs. I have used both several times.
inspector13 01/23/2020 02:05PM

Both Sawbill Outfitters right there at Sawbill Lake and Sawtooth outfitters in Tofte are good choices. I haven’t had experience with the current generation that started running Sawbill a few years ago.

Northwoodsman 01/23/2020 02:04PM
No need to look any farther, they are fantastic!

Pros: They are located at EP #38, they have parking, a store, a full range of equipment if needed, showers (for a fee), a very knowledgeable and friendly staff, shuttle to other EPs, and they manage the Sawbill Campground which is right there. The campground is rustic (no electricity, flush toilets, etc.) but it has water spigots not too far from most sites and is, overall, a very nice place.

Cons: Can't think of any.
adam 01/23/2020 02:00PM

Sawbill is a top notch operation. The FS campground is right next door which they I believe still manage on behalf of the FS. They do not offer bunkhouses or lodging outside of camping. Lots of folks stay down on 61 somewhere on the way up if they need lodging for an early morning departure.

Sawtooth is just off the highway before you turn up the trail which is the other regional option in route from Duluth.
Dan Magdoff 01/23/2020 01:21PM
Hi All!
We are finally narrowing down the route for our trip. We are planning to enter at either Entry Point 37 or at Sawbill. This is our first trip to the BWCA.

Based on our entry point, the closest outfitter is Sawbill Outfitters. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with them. Any pros or cons? I didn't really find any other outfitters in that area so they seem to make the most sense. Any input would be greatly appreciated.