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Date/Time: 08/12/2022 06:26PM
EP16 Moose River North

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HighnDry 07/17/2021 11:05AM
I exited about 2 days before you and I had the same thoughts. There were 5 beaver dam pullovers. They are nothing insurmountable, just a hassle to clamber out of the boat and pull over the sticks and twigs. Footing was solid on both sides. Water levels as one enters/exits Nina Moose are low enough that it will require some poling to get yourself through that area.

North of Nina Moose there is plenty of river grass to pull through. Follow the beaten path! It's about 2 canoes wide and deep enough to get to each of the two portages on your way in/out of Agnes.

Let's pray for rain. :)
Canoeinggal 07/17/2021 09:28AM
Just got back. Plan on taking lots of water with you on way in and out. River level was low. Several beaver dams to pull over.

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