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       Family activities in Atikokan/QPP?
Date/Time: 10/02/2023 11:04PM
Family activities in Atikokan/QPP?

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MichiganMan 07/22/2022 10:00PM
sns: "Adding the the pile of TB restaurant reviews: we liked The Sovereign Room, a block west of the Prince Arthur, quite a bit. "

I'll throw in a plug for Bar Italia in Thunder Bay. Nice little place with good food and a sweet patio in the back.
rick00001967 07/22/2022 11:57AM
thistlekicker: "Thai Kitchen on Cumberland (spring rolls & Pad Thai)
Nook on Bay St. (Rigatoni Boscaiola was great)

two nice choices. i actually was just talking to catlin at nook yesterday. i am sure they both will be glad to hear you enjoyed your meals.
sns 07/22/2022 07:09AM
Adding the the pile of TB restaurant reviews: we liked The Sovereign Room, a block west of the Prince Arthur, quite a bit.
thistlekicker 07/21/2022 10:38PM
Thai Kitchen on Cumberland (spring rolls & Pad Thai)
Nook on Bay St. (Rigatoni Boscaiola was great)

There's a Thai place across the street from The Courthouse Hotel which was recommended by the hotel staff but closed by the time we arrived early in the evening and we only had one night in town. Next time!
rick00001967 07/21/2022 11:41AM
thistlekicker: Drove back to MN via Kakabeka Falls and Thunder Bay, enjoyed some good Thai and Italian food.

sounds like the trip went really well. so glad you were able to stop here. do you mind me asking which two restaurants you enjoyed in tbay?
thistlekicker 07/21/2022 11:14AM
We did this trip a couple weeks ago here are some highlights:
- Atikokan was pleasant, we enjoyed the city park with all the old mining artifacts and the river running through. Great place to exercise the dog. Stayed at the Quetico Inn which was clean and comfortable. Loaded up on groceries at the Foodland and headed for the park.
- Dawson Trail campground was excellent. We stayed 3 nights, caught some fish on French Lake and daytripped to The Pines. The campground was quiet and nowhere near full capacity. The Visitor Center was great, the exhibits were interesting and we spent time browsing the library in the basement.
- We didn't do much hiking in the park mostly because the mosquitoes were so thick in the woods. It looks like there's some good trails to explore if you either go at a different time of year or can endure the swarms.
- Drove back to MN via Kakabeka Falls and Thunder Bay, enjoyed a nice hotel stay at The Courthouse in TBay and some good Thai and Italian food. The gas station/convenience store at Shabaqua Corners has a burger stand out front that's worth a stop.

We did this trip wanting to get away from the business of the July 4 holiday back in MN lake country and it worked out really well. I'm hoping we can do a backcountry trip next year.
Eyedocron 07/21/2022 09:50AM
If you are driving from the east, be sure to stop at Kakabeka Falls, which is right next to the road, is beautiful, and has viewing platforms only a few meters from the parking lot.
Jackfish 07/21/2022 08:21AM
Rick, first of all, welcome to! We're glad you're here.

Also, please note that there is a function for posting links. You will find a short tutorial here. It's pretty easy to use, but if you need help with it, just ask.
billconner 07/21/2022 05:40AM
Call Wayne at Souris River Canoes and schedule a factory tour. I found it fascinating and instructive. Theres a little museum in the village worth a walk through - history and such.
rick00001967 07/20/2022 07:33PM

what time of year are you planning on coming here? we have stayed at dawson a few times on our labor day weekend. they have had horses there during each of those visits. they are a special breed that are very limited in numbers. my wife loves horses so she really enjoyed that.

they also had a lady join them once that rescues birds of prey. she is working on starting a rescue facility here in thunder bay. hopfully it will be up and running soon.

the pines is a popular day trip for many campers saying at dawson. you can actually hike there too if you are up for it.
there are a bunch of trails to walk. the ontario parks web site has a helpful trail map.

there is a palque right by the bathrooms behind the "log cabin" with some interesting info about the historic french portage trail. and the "paul kane" trail just across the highway also has plaques along the way with more stories etc.

i like the french falls trail that takes you to the river.

not sure if this helps but here it is.....

thistlekicker 06/26/2022 05:25PM
We had to change our Q backcountry plans to car camping at Dawson Trail. We're planning a daytrip paddle to "The Pines" on Pickerel but are there other, non-paddling activities around Atikokan or in the park that would be fun for middle-schoolers? Any specific hiking trails that could be recommended?