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       Trip Report - Full BWCA Border Route - Crane Lake to Grand Portage
Date/Time: 07/15/2024 04:24PM
Trip Report - Full BWCA Border Route - Crane Lake to Grand Portage

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OldGuide2 11/13/2022 09:52PM
Brings back memories of a ten-day trip from Rainy to Superior we did in 1963. Our best day we went from Handberg's on Lac La Croix to Dorothy's on Knife. Camped by the falls on the Pigeon before taking the Grand Portage. Sig Olson put us on to an outfitter friend in International Falls where Bronco Nagurski pumped our gas.
Grandma L 10/03/2022 07:24PM
Great report - good trip!
We would LOVE to have you with us on the Border Route Challenge! It happens each fall - usually starting on Labor Day weekend. About 25-30 paddlers do the route in 8 days or less. Again, congratulations!
straighthairedcurly 10/02/2022 10:31AM
Nice report. Those boardwalks on the Grand Portage are really nasty in damp/wet weather. Sorry to hear you had a couple wipeouts that damaged the canoe. Fortunately, you both came through in one piece. Sounds like a great trip. You are fast, efficient travelers. You should consider joining the Border Route Challenge next year.
Mocha 09/30/2022 07:19AM
really enjoyed your story, and you weren't part of the challenge that was going on at the same time? you made great progress every day, including the grand portage itself.

hope some day down the line your buddy can reconnect with his forgotten fanny pack. i suppose that was the phone that had all the photos?

what spurred your interest in doing this route? would you do it again and as part of the challenge along with the other teams?
kdewahl 09/29/2022 08:35PM
New Trip Report posted by kdewahl

Trip Name: Full BWCA Border Route - Crane Lake to Grand Portage.

Entry Point: 12

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