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Date/Time: 06/23/2024 01:26PM
Entry Point 64 actual entry point

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Bearskin Lodge 06/08/2023 10:56PM
The entry point for #64 is when you cross the BWCA border at the east end of the lake. So, basically in a little ways down the arms, South arm for Alder, North arm for Moon. This is why you can't go to Crocodile on an E.Bearskin permit, you haven't entered to BWCA at the entry point stated on your permit yet. There are faint grey sign on the shoreline.

The campsite by Crocodile Creek is in the BWCA. The water isn't, but the shoreline is.
Mocha 05/29/2023 03:31PM
The public boat launch is in the campground. The imaginary line with the USFs sign is indeed down the lake just past the portage to crocodile lake. The campsite near that portage is outside the bwca so requires no permit for camping
schweady 05/29/2023 03:25PM
The welcome/informational sign for East Bearskin entry is at the campground boat landing. The actual wilderness boundary isn't until 1.5 mi or so east, beyond which a motor size restriction begins.
BigTim 05/29/2023 02:05PM
Since the north finger portage is no longer maintained, we've only traveled the south finger toward Alder. If I recall, there is a Entering BWCA sign along shore as you approach the portage to the little lake attached to the stream that allows you in to Alder.
minnesotashooter 05/29/2023 01:40PM
Does anybody know where the actual entry point is for EP64? I have three different website maps and all three show different spots. My best guess is it is by the East Bearskin campground. Any help would be appreciated.