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10/15/2017 02:25PM  
It was for a very average English-style IPA. It was also an average price in the brewpub. In Krone, that’s 109.
I am in Norway.
I have read that, if you go to a retail store with the idea of saving money in mind, you will find beer sold almost exclusively in individual containers. That is probably because the price of a six-pack might make your heart stop.

Actually, if you were to pick the cheapest beer available, you could walk away with 6 roughly pint-sized containers for between 30 and 40 dollars, only. That’s with being a cheapskate, bottom feeder.

A man’s haircut, should I have to get one, will cost me between 35 & 45 dollars.
Haircuts and bread are costly but they are not sinful.

Driving is bad for the earth & alcohol is bad for you, so they are taxed accordingly. So, despite all that Norwegian oil, Norway has the highest priced gas in the world and a weekend bender would bankrupt you.

My wife says she wants to try one more beer, in a different brewpub. So we’ll throw another $30 at 2 pints of beer and eat Kirkland (Costco) protein bars, from home, for lunch.

I had thought of looking for a Cuban cigar. Now, I don’t think I’ll look for cigars of any kind. To buy, I might have to take out a second mortgage.
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10/15/2017 07:14PM  
I wonder if they can make their own.
10/16/2017 07:01AM  
quote mr.barley: "I wonder if they can make their own.

They can and do.

Another difference I’ve noticed here is that samples are not given. A sign I read explained that the tax board wants every liter accounted for and taxed.

On a side note, I’ve now had pickled herring and brown cheese. Expect to have lutefisk before I leave.
Saw a guy in a Minnesota Golden Gophers sweatshirt yesterday.

Got that Cuban I had given up on. The tobacco lobby here must have more clout than does the beer lobby. Cigar prices were no worse than in Canada or Great Britain.
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10/16/2017 12:56PM  
Don't expect anything in Norway to come cheaply.
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