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01/04/2018 08:19AM
Hello all. Planning a little bonding trip with my 3 kids (14-22yrs old). Myself and oldest have been to BWCA couple times prior. Anyways, I'm looking for a good entry point where I can get us 5-10 miles in and camp for 3-4 nights and do a few day trips or just relax and enjoy the area. I don't mind a little portaging but nothing excessive. I have been reading quite a few posts, they all have good info! Any help is greatly appreciated. Btw, I'll be going out of Ely and probably a Monday to Thursday or Fri trip late July or early August. Thank You

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distinguished member (267)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
01/04/2018 09:03AM
My first trip was with my wife and boys (much younger than yours), and we really enjoyed going out of Rockwood through entry 47 Lizz/Swamp. Camped on Horseshoe 2 nights, Pillsbery 1 night, and Caribou 2 nights. Nice area, relatively easy portages, and fairly good fishing opportunities if you're into that.
distinguished member(1162)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
01/04/2018 09:20AM
Even though it's not on the Ely side, I agree with Bumstead. Head out of #47 to Gaskin and base camp. Utilize the bunkhouse at Rockwood on the way in.
01/04/2018 09:26AM
Looks like a good area as well. I like the bunkhouse idea since it would be a longer drive for us (from Thief River Falls, MN)
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01/04/2018 10:30AM
Mudro to Fourtown, Fourtown is a great base camp lake. Went ther several times when my kid was younger.

member (29)member
01/04/2018 03:47PM
We've been basecamping in Gabbro for the past couple years. If you don't mind one long portage to get in you can enter at Little Gabbro. We took a 4 year old, 6 year old, and two 14 year olds last year and all had a blast. Lots of good campsites and good fishing with some fun day trip options. You can stay at the South Kawishiwi River Campground the night before for an early start. That has worked well for us.
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01/05/2018 09:07AM
Big Moose Lake EP#8 is a nice, reasonably quiet, getaway that conforms to your request.

There's a small Sandy beach at the Duck Lake portage, the scenery is excellent and fishing can be good. While the other portages out are brutally long, if you're nit having to haul all your gear across, they do provide awesome hiking/daytrip options. There is also an official hiking trail on the north end of the lake. Most of the campsites are at least average to above average too. Big Moose and a little girl
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