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member (18)member
01/11/2018 07:43PM
It's on sale at Cabelas right now for $174.88. I was looking for an upgrade from my KMart Coleman and had been looking for a new tent, but not ready to jump to the price point of top tier backpacking tents quite yet. I've come to appreciate some of the nicer features on a quality tent though.

The Trail Ridge 3 has the features I was looking for, and at that price I jumped at it and brought one home a couple nights ago. Initial set up in the living room has me happy with the purchase. It's a little heavier than other tents in the $250-$300 range, but sets up easy and looks like a great purchase so far.

If your looking for a new tent it seems to compare well to the Marmot Tungsten 3 and REI Halfdome 3, at least on paper.
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distinguished member(2307)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
01/12/2018 10:41AM
Looking forward to hearing about your tent once you get to use it. I have a tent similar in weight so I wouldn't worry too much about it being a little heavy. Looks like yours has more floor space whereas my tent has greater head room. If it works for your needs and you get outside with it that's all that matters to me.
distinguished member (200)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
01/12/2018 02:17PM
I have the older design Trail Ridge 4, really 3 with gear.
Tent is solid, not lightweight, easy to put up kept us dry despite 4 days straight of rain day and night.

Hopefully the new tent/fly design cures the one glaring weakness it has. The ability to get in/out in the rain without rain dumping off the fly into the tent entrance/person :).
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