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02/24/2018 08:05PM
Is there a Portage or the remains of a portage from the northern most part of Quetico lake (up by the portage to kasakokwog) into the eastern end of the lower arm of cirrus lake. Fisher map shows one, but there is no distance and it looks like something that maybe isn’t really there. We likw to stay up on that part of Quetico Lake and it would be nice to just loop back through Cirrus lake to the entry.
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02/25/2018 01:31PM
I did this with my family back in 2013. It's at the terminus of two steep granite walls where Cirrus empties into Quetico. There are (were) overhanging blowdowns and few other spots on the short (30 rods?) portage. We had to put in at an inlet with the rapids to our right (western shoreline). We floated about 20 or 30 yards, hopped out and lined down the rapids to Quetico.

It wasn't a hard portage and we took it back out to Cirrus the same day after viewing the pictographs.
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