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04/18/2018 03:55PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
If you're not traveling to far, or have an extra set of hands to carry a small/medium cooler on portages, this is an easy and clean way to cook your meals.

Easy Cook/Clean Chile

1. Make your chile at home.
2. Once cooled after cooking, pour individual serving amounts into quart sized zip lock bags. IE> If 5 are going on trip, make 5 single serve bags.
3. Freeze the chile.
4. For your Trip, pack in some ice in amall/medium cooler and haul along.
5. To cook, simply place the individual serving bags into boiling water and let cook for roughly 5 minutes or until hot. Pour out of bag into serving bowl and enjoy.
TIP: Limit yourself to boiling two serving bags at a time.
TIP #2: If bags are froze at beginning of trip and on ice, should stay cold through 2 days. Could probably push for day 3 if necessary, but will likely be thawed completely by then.

Easy Cook/Clean Cajun Chicken Alfredo.
1. Cook Chicken breasts at home. Coat with Cajun seasoning and other desired seasonings.
2. Dice up desired amounts of red pepper to add to sauce. (Once jar of sauce per 4/5 people.
3. Once chicken cools, cut chicken breast into chunks and add to sauce.
4. Stir in desired amount of Cajun seasoning into the sauce. Do not cook the sauce, just mix ingredients.
5. Pour single serving amounts of sauce and all mixed-in ingredients into quart sized zip lock bags. Seal and freeze until trip.
6. For your trip, pack frozen bags into small/medium cooler of ice and haul along.
7. Also bring a box or 2 of uncooked alfredo noodles. Best to break the noodles in half and put in a gallon zip lock.
8. To cook noodles, simply boil in a pot of hot water.
9. To cook sauce, simply put the individual bags into a pot of boiling water.
10. When finished, empty contents of bag onto cooked noodles and enjoy.

REMEMBER - Pack out the bags!
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