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member (10)member
06/13/2018 07:20PM
Going last week of June. Looking for areas to fish walleyes smallies and northern pike. in the following lakes or other lakes in area. Also what bait or rig set up worked for you?
Cross Bay Lake
Long Island Lake
Cherokee Lake
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distinguished member (263)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/14/2018 08:09AM
Ham lake and Cross Bay are both decent walleye/smallmouth lakes......Cross Bay only has two campsites, both are very small and not very nice, the best of the two is across from the waterfall.....Long Island Lake is primarily lake trout and Pike, if there are smallmouth/walleye, they are very small populations....I have very limited time on Cherokee, but from what I have seen/heard...lake trout/pike.....Long Island and Cherokee are both beautiful lakes with some phenomenal campsites!

member (10)member
06/15/2018 08:55PM
Thank You Mike
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