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07/01/2018 03:02PM  
New Trip Report posted by aruthenb

Trip Name: EP19 to EP16 10 Years & 480 Rods.

Entry Point: 19

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07/01/2018 07:20PM  
Enjoyed your reports - it sounds like a nice 10th anniversary for you. I hope you have many more.
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07/03/2018 08:38AM  
It was very interesting to watch your video, I really enjoyed it. I took my first canoe trip, a solo, on that exact route. It brought back many memories. The beaver dams on the Stuart River, the portage to the Dahlgren, and the 320 rod out of Stuart that kicked my butt!
After watching the video, I'm glad I paddled more and used the Bottle portage on the border instead of the long swamp portage!
Hopefully, it won't be another 10 years before you get back. I think I was in Woodland Caribou the same week you were in the BWCA, and I had a 1300 mile drive one way, so I understand the long drive...but it is worth it!
07/03/2018 10:46AM  
Thanks for watching! We had a great trip and it definitely won't be 10 years before we get back. I would agree that in good weather we should have taken the Bottle River. The portage through the swamp into Lac la Croix is an option if you are short on time or weather is poor for paddling.

You really took a drive North to Woodland Caribou, I bet that was an amazing trip though!
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