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      30 Liter Barrel with a CCS Quad Pocket Pack in bow of Magic     



09/21/2018 08:57AM  
Anyone use the 30 Liter Harmony Blue Barrel and CCS Quad Pocket Pack setup for soloing a Magic?

I have a Magic Solo canoe and I am looking at this CCS Quad Pocket Pack and 30 Liter Harmony Blue Barrel. It looks like it may be a very tight fit especially with those pockets when placed toward the bow just ahead of front thwart.

The Quad Pocket Pack is 14 inches in diameter and the pockets are 3 1/2 inches wide (pockets are offset on the sides of the pack … so full diameter would not be 21 inches).

I have talked with Dan Cooke and will do a bit of measuring.

I would like to lay the CCS Quad Pocket Pack down flat in the bow. May have to go with the regular CCS 30 Liter barrel harness without the pockets.
CCS Quad Pocket Pack for 30 Liter Harmony Blue Barrel
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09/21/2018 01:48PM  
I'm thinking that it would certainly fit behind the seat where there is more room beyond the thwart. Might be easier to plan for second pack to go up front. I use a duffel that I simply balance on top of a #2 Duluth pack for portaging and it fits up in the bow real well, but it is filled with soft stuff that will conform to the shape of the canoe.
09/21/2018 05:36PM  

Yes there is certainly room behind my seat for the 30 Liter Barrrel Pack possibly even a 60 Liter. But I like to put my large CCS Pioneer or Guide Pack bank there ... as they ate too large to lay flat up front in the bow area .
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09/21/2018 06:21PM  
I understand. I used to pack my food in that duffel I mentioned, but went to bear vaults this year. They wouldn't nestle down in the front the way food packed in stuff sacks would. I ended up putting my two bear vaults side by side in the #2 duluth pack and packing clothes and sleeping gear in the duffel. I have my seat and portage yoke on rails and could move the seat back far enough to have both packs in front of me and flat below the gunnels. Its nice paddling from a little farther back in the boat, too. I know the bear vaults are expensive, but I really liked them.
09/21/2018 06:59PM  
Sounds like a great setup.

On my September Quetico Trip one of the guys in our solo group had a 60 Liter Barrel in the front of his Wenonah Prism ( which is quite a bit wider in the bow than my Magic). Another had a 7 gal bucket with a gamma lid in his pack.

They both brought a thin lightweight board and put it on the top of their barrel and bucket and used it as a table. They stored their food and stoves and fuel in their bucket and barrel . I liked their setup.
09/22/2018 12:55PM  
I’ll trade you straight up for my 1994 Blackhawk Starship. I gots lots of room in the bow for you!
09/22/2018 01:26PM  

Sorry. I can’t part with my 2006 Magic.

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