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01/25/2019 01:16PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
Have you ever stretched the "Use Before" date or "not so fresh' stuff from your food pack? Late in the trip? What month/weather etc. No matter how you packed; (ice,cooler,insulated pack, etc....etc...etc..) not the point. Let's hear your stories and food items.
We take no ice or soft cooler. Frozen or cold is nested/stuffed in a pack or barrel.
We have never been sick or eaten spoiled food but fried some limp bacon on day 3 or 4. Sweaty hard salami (deli sliced) and Swiss on day 3 or 4. We go in around Memorial day with a nested frozen cube of fresh meat (newspaper wrapped) surrounded by butter,cheese, whatever and ,of course, plan menu to use as it thaws. Never had the butter past soft and such , take farm fresh unwashed eggs a time or two and not worry.
We've not had the trots or giardia , but did eat some old richmore dehydrated that was awhile out of date. Heck, they had been out of business for awhile at the time. It was good and fine and we all liked varieties we had left over. Any food you packed or ate while tripping that you wondered about? (Whether in hindsight or not)
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Savage Voyageur
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01/26/2019 09:50PM  
One trip my brother brought his own food. For lunches he had a loaf of bread, sliced turkey and miracle whip. Everything was not in a cooler, just up the tree in a bag. My other brother and I thought he was going to get sick on the trip, he never did. Temperature was about in the 70s during the day.
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02/01/2019 09:59AM  
I take the time to make & dehydrate some of my own complete meals. Everything is vacuum sealed & in a freezer until I am ready for a trip, then I defrost & pack it with my dry goods for later in the week meals. From what I have read, food prepped this way can last a year in the freezer. I have eggbake & beef barley stew dated from 2015 that tasted like the day I made it on a trip in October last year. I am taking another portion of that same eggbake & beef stew in May to the Dacks. Am I pushing the limit? I think so, but I try to be as careful as I can in keeping my food barrel cool & doing a sniff test before & during rehydration. I have 1 more eggbake & 2 more beef stew meals in the larder...from 2015 & I can honestly say I am still excited to bring them along & have no plans on tossing them out.

I was given a mountain house meat lasagna years ago as a bonus/gift from Jetboil, that lasagna has been our extra meal should anything fail on every trip near & far. It expired late last year & I just tossed it out this week...that thing had almost as many miles on it as me. So I wasn't taking a chance on I need to replace it.

I've eaten limp bacon, warmish ham, sweaty cheese. No problems, but they weren't that far out & I have tossed or bypassed other food that I felt was over the line.
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02/05/2019 01:19PM  
I used to do 30+ day trips in northern Canada. No coolers. We carried hard salami for the whole time, though near the end we didn't use it for lunch, just cooking. We carried cheddar cheese that we used for cooking during the first half of the trip (then cheese powder after that). It got all greasy and slimy in the bag, but cooked up just fine. For eating at lunch we carried blocks of American cheese.

We made homemade crackers before the trip. They got wet after a swamping and started to mold. But we rebaked them in the fire and ate them anyway.

When I was a kid, my dad panicked on the eve of a truckers' strike. He order a massive amount of dehydrated food in #10 cans. We ate that food for the next 15 years.

In my experience, dehydrated food will start to lose some of its flavor way before it becomes a danger. In terms of fresh foods, cold cuts are what I am always cautious around due to listeria.
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