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member (13)member
04/17/2019 06:19PM  
Garmin offers two options for purchase of maps for a GPS unit. Is one way better than the other? I like the idea of the SD card if I can use it on more than one device, but download seems easier.
How does the card work? Do you insert in device and then it's loaded? Or do you have to leave card in device?
Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.
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04/17/2019 08:45PM  
I use the Birdseye subscription and the downloaded maps are locked to a registered GPS. The separate maps are much more expensive and are either a hard shipped product, SD card, or a download to be installed on a chip. Been a while but if I remember the chip/download can be used in several Garmin units. Call Garmin and ask for positive information.

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04/17/2019 09:49PM  
I bought the Garmin Upper Midwest Fishing Guide preinstalled on a micro chip and started with it in a 62st, then moved it to a newer 64st. Now, I have their LakeVü map chip in my 64st and will probably be putting it into a 66st in the near future. I've never done the download and copy to a chip... it never seemed to be economically feasible. And, no, you can't copy the data from the chip to the unit and then remove... the chip needs to be installed to use the map data. But it can be moved around between units you might own.
member (13)member
04/18/2019 11:12AM  
Thank you, I appreciate the info. I'll check into the Birdseye maps; seems like a good way to go.
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