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senior member (57)senior membersenior member
07/25/2019 10:58AM  
We will be putting in at Stanton Bay next week and heading down toward the mid part of Sturgeon. Was wondering if anyone has taken the Deux Rivieres route recently and would have a report on water levels/conditions and what to expect along that route to upper Sturgeon. Thanks!
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member (13)member
07/25/2019 03:42PM  
When are you putting in? We go in Wednesday morning at Stanton Bay. Heading to B chain first not Deux Rivieres though. Deux Rivieres on the way out on the 8th or 9th.
distinguished member (149)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/25/2019 03:59PM  
Hopefully someone can provide current info before your trips. I'd certainly appreciate an update after you get back. We are probably headed that way in early Sept if it is passable at that time.
distinguished member(2469)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/25/2019 09:39PM  
I'd highly recommend calling the Quetico office for current information. They are always friendly and helpful.
senior member (57)senior membersenior member
07/26/2019 09:28AM  
We will be going in Aug. 3 and coming out on the 11th. I will contact the Park Office to see if they have any info and post an update once we get back. Past trips we have made through there about this time of year have always been doable but I know things can change depending upon rainfall and beaver activity. An extra inch or two of water can make a big difference especially as you get closer to Sturgeon.
senior member (57)senior membersenior member
07/26/2019 12:22PM  
FYI. I contacted the Quetico Park Office and the park officer I spoke to thought that the Deux Rivieres route shouldn't pose any major problems. She thought that they are sitting at slightly above normal water levels for this time of year.
member (13)member
07/26/2019 12:55PM  
Excellent! Thanks Schucanoe!
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