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member (10)member
07/25/2019 09:30PM  
I'm normally a west side paddler from June thru Aug...

This year ill be going into Mudro the first week of September and looking for some advice/feedback.

My goal is to camp at lower basswood falls and trek from there. My paddle partner is inexperienced.

What are some of the must sees around this route? Pictos? Logger camps? Elevation, observation lookouts etc....

Any advice on how to restructure my tackle box for Sept? Walleye, Bass and Northerns being the goal. What are your must haves for this time of year? Again, I have zero experience in September but am really excited to give it a try.

Thank you for any advice or tips your willing to share....
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distinguished member (135)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/28/2019 07:43AM  
One of my (many) favorite areas! The pictured rocks/pictographs on Crooked are amazing. Just a little more paddling to the west and you can stop at the famed Table Rock camp site. You can spend some time on Fourtown - lots of logging relics. One of the campsites (and areas around it) early on as you enter the lake (SE bay, as memory serves) - is loaded with logging camp rubbish, and if you hike around, you can find everything from an old truck to foundations of buildings, etc. If the water is not too low, going up to Moosecamp also will reveal logging leftovers, including some logs in the creek with hardware still attached. If you get your hands on some old maps, there are rail grades still visible / hike-able in the Fourtown area.
member (10)member
07/28/2019 07:36PM  
I appreciate the feedback. I'm really excited for this trip.
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