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      Sleeping without a crib? How's it done?     



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08/14/2019 10:02AM  
Booked a permit for next week. One portage in on dead end lake and will basecamp for 3 nights. What have you all done for sleeping with a 1 year old who is used to sleeping in a crib? Last year when we brought him at 2 months, we just used a shallow sleeper and it was fine. Now- he'd crawl out of that no problem. Any advice?
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08/22/2019 08:18AM  
Might be a little late for the advice but I just lay them in the tent and it seems to work. She'll probably crawl around a little but there isn't anything in there that will hurt her so I guess I don't mind that.
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08/22/2019 01:59PM  
When we had infants we used a soft sided collapsible crib thingy. It was only 6-8" high but it worked well until they out grew it. Once they outgrew it we just had the kids sleep on the ground like the rest of us. Usually when we camp the kids have been so tired it wasn't much of an issue getting them to sleep like that. The bigger issue is having a toddler crawling all over you a 5am when they think its a good time to wake up.
08/30/2019 07:18AM  
I'm sure this is too late for your trip... but TuscaroraBorialis used the KidCoPeapod for trips with his little one. We haven't used it camping yet... but it's awesome for all of the soccer games that Bruin has to go to. We got the bigger one, but I think the smaller one would be better for using inside your tent.
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08/30/2019 01:16PM  
Thanks for the replies. Our trip to Crocodile went very well. He slept on a pad plus a folded up wool blanket while he was inside his snowsuit. Absolutely adorable. I was concerned we would need a "barrier" but once he was asleep from a full day of adventure- he was out.
01/26/2020 08:29AM  
Glad to hear. Yeah once they let sleep settle in then they are out for a long time.
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