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      What's motor boat traffic like in September?     
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09/25/2019 12:54AM
I'm thinking ahead to next year and a one week trip in mid September. In the summer I always did my best to avoid the lakes where they allow motor because it just ruins the wildness experience for me. How bad is it in September? I'm in particular thinking about Moose, Basswood, Newton etc.
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distinguished member (116)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/25/2019 09:35AM
We were on Moose Lake September 4th, heading up to Prairie Portage. That was the first time I was on that lake. There was a steady stream of boats going up and down the lake. I was kind of surprised at the traffic after Labor Day. It must be like a freeway in the summer.
09/26/2019 08:31PM
I’ve spent several late Septembers and early Octobers fishing Basswood in a boat. It seems there’s very little traffic of anything that time of year. After Labor Day the traffic drops significantly.
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