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10/20/2019 04:16PM  
New Trip Report posted by ghamer

Trip Name: Fall 2019 Trip to Lynx Lake - YouTube.

Entry Point: 14

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10/20/2019 07:47PM  
Awesome trip report as always. It felt like I was on the trip with your group. That route looks pretty nice. Never been out of the Ely area before. May need to scout it out for the next year or two.

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10/20/2019 07:54PM  
thanks, love that area, top notch video, as usual :)
distinguished member(1137)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
10/20/2019 09:55PM  
Gorgeous photos & video as always. An area I have yet to explore, had to cancel a trip out of LIS North a couple of years ago and now I’m itching to re-plan it.

Thanks for sharing and taking us along on your adventures.
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10/21/2019 10:46AM  
I enjoy photos, videos, and music more than written trip reports and no one does this better than You. Your trip reports transport me to joy filled places and moments. I watch them time and again with a peaceful smile.

Thank you!
10/21/2019 04:07PM  
Thanks, Gary. Excellent photography that makes me feel like l am there.
10/22/2019 01:00AM  
Thanks for the trip report, the photos are great! If a picture is worth a thousand words, your youtube report is a long read. I loved that Upper Pauness campsite you stayed on and I think I saw and heard the trumpeter swans you got great pictures of. The colors make me want to go up there end of September. I hope you do many more videos.
10/22/2019 07:38AM  
Thanks everyone for watching and commenting! LIS is definitely a nice entry point... I love the intimacy of the winding river and potential for seeing wildlife. We also pretty much hit the peak for fall color.
The rain was a bit of a drag but it's amazing how good a trip you can have in spite of it. Just remember to cover your wood pile every night, even if you don't think it's going to rain... we know :-)
10/23/2019 01:01PM  
Yet again, another great report!! Thanks
10/23/2019 02:50PM  
Wow, beautiful time of year there! Recognized Elm Portage; the Sioux Hustler Trail is directly across the river and comes down to the water, there. Really liked the pic of the swans taking flight. Wonder if that pair had any success with cygnets. Thanks, Gary!
11/18/2019 10:31AM  
Wow did that bring back some recent memories. Excellent photography and shots of wildlife. The leaves changed dramatically in the few weeks between our trips. The frying fish shot made me hungry!
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12/18/2019 09:46PM  
Thanks so much for putting a great trip report together!!
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