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01/19/2020 10:41AM
Central Iowa paddlers may be interested in this event next Saturday (25 January). It is held at the Wellness Center ("W") at Wartburg College in Waverly, a very nice venue. Paddlefest in Waverly Iowa
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01/19/2020 03:23PM
I always try and support the store when I can. They are very nice to have in the area/state
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01/19/2020 07:20PM
Rtallent will be presenting on his Greenmantle River trip in the Wabakimi Providence. I'm really looking forward to seeing it.
01/20/2020 09:58AM
I was trying to justify not know long distance and all that.
I saw the excitement light up Ray's eyes when he talked a little about that trip at the Fall get together at Lake McBride. Now I will have to justify not going.
distinguished member (235)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
01/20/2020 10:48AM
Oh buddy...that sounds heavenly. I may see... if I bring the kids along, maybe I can sneak out for the day!
01/20/2020 11:20AM
That's OK Ben, we can't make everything. I am going to miss Copeia this year, and that is always a great event... Just wanted to get word out.
01/21/2020 09:19AM
Ray, say hi to Vern for me.
01/21/2020 11:18AM
Will do.
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01/23/2020 10:30PM
My son and I will be attending an 8:00 PM wrestling meet in Iowa City on Friday night. Hawkeyes vs Ohio State. Due to the snow forecast, I booked a hotel room, so we can get an earlier start to Waverly on Saturday.
If anyone else is at Carver, say hi. I'll be the guy in the Hawkeye shirt.
01/24/2020 12:06PM
I'll probably listen in to that on the radio; hope they have Mark Ironside announcing, really like his enthusiasm. With luck, we'll see you guys in Waverly on Saturday.
01/24/2020 02:20PM
Ray - I was sure hoping to make this, but it now looks like it won't work out. I guess some of us will have to hear more about the Greenmantle from you over a beer some day :-)
01/24/2020 03:12PM
For sure. Part of it is Vern's video, and I think he may be showing that at Canoecopeia in March...
01/24/2020 05:22PM
Mark Neuzil is doing the keynote. He has a wonderful presentation.
01/26/2020 11:04AM
It was good. I bought a copy of his book, A Natural History of Canoes.
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01/26/2020 10:21PM
I apologize for disrupting your presentation. My boy was getting restless, so I thought we best leave. I would have loved to have seen the rest of the trip.
01/27/2020 09:10AM
That's OK, it was good to chat. I think Vern Fish has a trip report on, er... another canoeing website... Ray
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