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member (5)member
02/05/2020 07:32PM  
Hello there. I am thinking about planning a trip to Saganaga for some walleye and lake trout and bringing my 16' Bluefin with a 25hp motor. I am really familiar with the area. I have canoed it a handful of times, but have never brought my boat up there.

I would like to stay up there by myself for a week maybe the first week of June or over Memorial weekend, but I'm curious as to how people beach or tie off their boat for the night when they are at camp. I know it is really rocky and am worried about having the boat be damaged by the rocks rocking back and fourth in the wind.

Does anybody have any helpful suggestions to this? Maybe there are so many campsites that I can find a nice one that has sand and not boulders. Maybe bring a pair of waders and anchor the boat away from shore a bit and walk in?

Thanks a lot.
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distinguished member(4802)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
02/09/2020 10:14AM  
I have camped on Sag a couple times, having accessed the lake via motor boat. We didnt have a problem finding a site with a decent landing either time. Since Sag has been a motor lake for many years, so I suspect that many of the sites can accommodate a motor boat.
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