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03/01/2020 10:17AM  
Seems like a good time of year for getting the blood pumping on planning canoe trips. If you'd like some inspiration, I posted part 1 of a week long Wabakimi trip to youtube a few days ago.

Didn't realize it at the time, but one of the microphones on my cameras was not picking up correctly, so sound quality is not the greatest in parts. Hope to have part 2 up before ice out.

Also, I would appreciate any feedback from this group. I'd like to post more of these in the coming years, so anything good, bad or ugly, let me know. Anything you'd rather see more of less of etc.

And yes, it did cost me $300 to repair the "dent" in that rental canoe.
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03/02/2020 08:27AM  
Nice video! Really helps understand river travel in Wab.

Would be nice to have a reference map (or even verbal decription) of your intended route.

Looking forward to the next installment, thanks for sharing.
03/02/2020 09:22PM  
I reposted the link here: Wabakimi Trip 2019

Always love to see trips in this park!
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