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03/10/2020 01:48PM
As I was driving in to work today I reflected a bit on how cruel it is to get older and not far away from me in my cubicle farm at work someone just sneezed loudly. I'm 65 and have diabetes and asthma as underlying conditions. Every time I forget something or someone's name, or somehow fail to capture the attention of a search committee for a job, the threat of dementia or Alzheimer's pops into my brain. What if I'm just "losing it?" Still I'm guessing most of us at my age have been relatively hopeful we could retire with enough of their mind and money to live long and care for our needs. Now the new virus comes and our retirement savings sort of goes up in smoke. But, that's not the big deal. The big deal it has taken dead aim for those of us over 60 with underlying health conditions. Younger people with decent health might get it but they'll likely get over it in two weeks. Those of us who are older will be monitoring those two weeks of attack very carefully because we might not make it. The weird thing is that if this virus goes crazy there will be a huge transfer of wealth and property from boomers to their survivors and presumably, the costs of social security and medicare for those who are not on it will come way down. Instead of long bout with cancer or heart disease boomers will be gone in two weeks if they get the virus. It's like a whole segment of the population is in danger of being euthanized against our will.

I know I am thinking dreadful thoughts and I know that I need to shift my thinking away from fear and focus on hope and the love of God. But, yikes, what do we do with all these disruptions in our world?
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03/11/2020 06:53AM

Regarding the virus, I think your mind has taken in and is compounding what is basically widespread gossip. We still don’t know much about COVID19. There could be thousands of asymptomatic geriatrics running around. We simply don’t know, since they only test people that are sick. The premise that it has taken dead aim on older people could be dead false. Currently, a 33-year-old in Anoka county with no underlying conditions is in critical condition; but agents of disease are almost always harder on people dealing with other health concerns.

03/11/2020 12:10PM
The best defense is a good offense or immune system. Start taking high quality supplements that support immune systems. I’ve been taking products made by Usana Health Sciences for 6 years and haven’t had a cold past the sniffle stage since then. I’m 60 years old and on no medications and my joints feel fantastic. A couple other high quality manufacturers are Blueberry Labs and Douglas Labs. I’m a distributor for Usana but I know it’s frowned on here to promote that so email me if interested.
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03/11/2020 03:18PM
It's easy to blame the media for panic but it seems like huge changes are happening fast, though we only have five cases in Minnesota. Now we will be watching the NCAA basketball, wrestling and hockey tournament without any fans attending. And, the Twins games with Seattle at the end of the month will be moved. Colleges and universities are putting all classes online.

Yikes, hit refresh on your news and prepare for the next big surprise.
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03/14/2020 10:12PM
It’s good to be prepared and a little cautious but more people will die from anxiety than from corona . Wash your hands stay away from hospitals unless you have to go and just take life one day at a time. Worry is the devils play ground .
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03/26/2020 03:32PM
Lots of weird movement backwards. I saw that grocery stores want no one to bring a re-usable bag into the store when they shop. Just a little while we were encouraged to do that. Just a little while ago we were lamenting how social media had taken over our lives and encouraged to put down our phones. Now we stay connected with the ones we love through social media and texts.

I check Facebook more than I used to. One of the interesting things I see are a few brothers and sisters in Christ deciding to essentially put their full testimony of faith on Facebook. I hope that I am authentic on Facebook and people know where I am at but I thought about checking in with my "friends" and letting them know I'd be glad to support them in prayer if they wanted to switch over to messenger and communicate their needs.

Are you doing anything out of the ordinary for your communication on social media?
Savage Voyageur
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03/27/2020 08:57AM
Are you doing anything out of the ordinary for your communication on social media?"

Our men’s group at church started back up again online. We all loaded the Zoom app and we have the same class basically in our own homes. After all the technical problems with sound and video were addressed it worked pretty good.
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