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      If border is closed, we need a Plan B     
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member (6)member
03/25/2020 05:23PM
My party is planning on a Quetico trip at the end of August. Hopefully, Covid-19 will dissipate enough by then to allow the US/Canadian border to reopen. However, a Plan B is needed in case the border is not open.

I prefer the BWCA from the Gunflint/Seagull/Sawbill side. My question is - What is the best walleye and smallmouth lake? Two years ago, I went to the Knife Lake in late August and found good walleye fishing, but would like to try another lake this year.

Thank you.

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03/29/2020 11:17AM
Ogish is a really good walleye lake. So is Fraser and Sagus.
distinguished member (204)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
03/31/2020 03:18PM
I’m in the same predicament as you! Our trip is booked for a June 5th entry. So we also have a back up BWCA permit. I have done trips out of Sawbill three times. For walleye lakes my recommendations are South and North Temperance. Burnt is decent but a busy lake. Also over on the lady chain Phoebe is supposed to be a good walleye lake. Passed through it but didn’t really have time to fish it.
Savage Voyageur
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03/31/2020 09:12PM
I also have a trip to Ontario planed at the end of August. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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