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03/30/2020 11:01AM
SportsRig MicroTrailer with all the extras for carrying canoes, kayaks, SUP boards, bikes or light utility. This is a great trailer. We have used it a lot for kayaks and canoe. It is nice to not have to lift the boats to the top of the vehicle. It also provides better security in gusty winds and improved gas mileage.
We are replacing this trailer with a new version. It is still very usable, but it is time for some replacements. The tires are the original but the tread is still good. One of the suspension shocks does not work as it should. Rather than put money into this one, we decided to sell it and buy new.
The spare tire is unused.
One spoke is missing and one is bent.
The wheel bearings have been replaced.
There are no sport-specific mounts provided.
The 1” round load bar fits Yakima, Thule, etc. mounts.
This has been well maintained, 303 Protectant used and stored inside.
It has the longest tongue extension “C” for two side by side boats up to 22’ 8”
Or one boat in the middle up to 23’ 8”
This may be replaced with a shorter one, cut down, etc.
1-1/4” hitch ball
Jack Stand
Handcart handle
Wheels and tongue fold for storage
Rollers and bumpers on the back end for storage
66” load bars
Grey painted finish
Extension safety light for long loads with custom made suction cup attachment
Deck plates
Spoked wheels
Sealed wheel bearings
Spare tire
Max load weight 450 pounds.
Alexandria, Minnesota


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