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03/31/2020 01:43PM  
In the spirit of bad sewing, judgement and time management...I give you Casa de Cerberus.

I had a little pup tent thingy with poles that I took tripping last year and it worked OK at best. Cerberus did figure out how to escape it and the thing was cheap, with some seams pulling out.

It also weighed 24 oz...not bad, but an opportunity for weight savings was in my crosshairs.

So, I bought some 1.6 oz SilPoly, some 0.9oz mesh, thread and some grosgrain from RSBTR. #5 Zippers were from amazon.

Idea was for a pole-free design that could be hung from a guyline. This is essentially a single-wall waterproof tent with a mesh door, tiny vestibule, and vent up top.

As before, I am embarrassing DIYers across canoe country with my lack of sewing talent. But I occasionally can make a straight stitch work, and liberal use of seam-sealer is there to help cover my errors.

I learned that staking out the corners and vestibule is critical...otherwise Cerberus can and will flip the damned thing over.

Pitched well, with 1/2" foam insulating the floor and an insulated CerberusJacket on the Hound, she was just fine last night. (It got down to about 32 here.) I was not as comfortable, but that's another story.

Believe it's about 27" square and 30" high; Hound of Hades is 43 lbs. Would not want it to be any smaller, and it could be a couple inches wider/taller. But too big and it's not as warm...

Weight with foam pad, 5 stakes and guy lines is 12 oz.

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03/31/2020 03:19PM  
That rocks!
distinguished member(2471)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
03/31/2020 05:55PM  
Nice job!
03/31/2020 08:09PM  
Very cool!
distinguished member(1995)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/13/2020 10:01PM  
Not sure how I missed seeing this post, but kudos to a really cool project for a cute dog.
04/15/2020 04:20PM  
Thanks for the compliments - hoping we get the chance to try it in the wild in the next month or so.
08/19/2023 10:13PM  
Very nice. If my dog had lived a bit longer I was going for that same idea. We're two years ahead of him now and we think we're ready again. So possibly time to get sewing. :)
03/24/2024 08:11PM  
I'm always late to the party, but in this case, I'm late to my own party...just now seeing that last comment months after the fact.

Worth reporting that Cerberus' little tent has been on...I have to count...something like a dozen trips and 70 or so nights in the BWCA & Quetico. It has worked almost perfectly.

She did bust through the screen door once, still not sure why, so I had to mend that. That was many trips back and she's not done it again. Otherwise, flawless.

Back then Cerberus was 2 - now she's 6, and 53.5#. I use the Pup Tent when hammocking, though on my last solo I took a two-man tent (both of us in that) in addition to the hammock/pup tent - we used both, depending on the site and its layout.
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