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05/29/2020 12:07PM
I'm heading up to the Boundary Waters for the first time. I just got a Stradic Ci4+ and a Triumph Travel Rod as a graduation gift. What should I spool it up with? I'm planning on mostly targeting trout (lake, brook, splake etc) What type of line do you use and why? Thanks folks!
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05/29/2020 12:35PM
If you use the search function at the top there's quite a long thread on this just a bit ago. (or just keep scrolling down)

For me, braid for big baits and big fish. Mono/fluoro for walleye, jigging, slip bobbers, panfish.
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05/29/2020 01:04PM
Honestly it really depends did on how you fish specifically, more than what species you are targeting. By that I mean presentation/technique. So if you want to absolutely maximize hits/numbers of fish etc, you should fine tune and use the best line or combo of line and leader for each presentation...obviously with overlaps on presentations.

Some people who use braid tie direct to lure or snap but I would only do that if tying to a leader. Other than that I always use and tie a good fluoro leader line to my braid, sometimes for stealth, sometimes in heavier weights for a bite leader.

So for braid, I would recommend it for:

Trolling (with fluoro leader for trout, titanium or heavier fluoro leader for pike)
Jigging (with fluoro leader), especially water deeper than 25’
Casting shorelines (with light titanium leader)

Live bait presentations (slip bobbers, lindy rig etc) Mono is both limp and stealthier than braid. I’d recommend 8lb trilene xl.

Keep in mind plenty of fish are caught with all kinds of lines, so the difference may not matter in the long run, but we all like to tinker with new things (especially me lol), what we think is the new better way etc.

Also it’s always a good idea to use what you are used to and have had success with in the past when going on a wilderness trip. No stores out there and if you are disappointed or feel you don’t like it, you are stuck. So the best of all worlds would be two spools, one with each line.

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05/29/2020 06:54PM
You know what else? I just heard this on the internet and realized it's true. If your line is not tight, braid is not sensitive at all. If you leave a little slack somewhere in your jigging stroke (which of course you shouldn't) braid is useless. Mono, on the other hand, can still transmit a bite even when semi-slack.
Also braid around rocks is a bad idea.


Too far? Perhaps.
member (16)member
05/29/2020 08:10PM
Your first trip to BDub and you just received a new rod & reel as a gift. While a case can be made for braid, keep it simple. Fisherman have been successful with mono for 50 years, go with mono, 8lb Trilene XL isn’t a bad place to start. Focus more on lures, presentations, lakes and depths..... get those figured out and line type will be a non factor.
distinguished member (249)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/29/2020 09:47PM
I am a braid/Fluro leader convert. I always use a Swivel. And in my opinion it’s the best set up by far in all situations. Three tips id give you is look into bringing a anchor bag, drift sock, and rod holder!
distinguished member(524)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/30/2020 12:02PM
Braid and mono for different applications. Braid for bass and northerns, mono and fluorocarbon leader for walleyes. Or even braid and fluoro leader for walleyes.
Can always catch any fish on 8lb. mono if the drag is set right. Just less sensitive to bites.
distinguished member (297)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/31/2020 05:55AM
My main rod last week had 8lb fluorocarbon for jigging. We ended up catching walleye in current, under a bobber. Fluorocarbon line sinks. It was a bit tricky using it in current under a bobber in shallow water. There is nothing wrong with mono. I find it a bit too stretchy for my liking. I either use 8lb fluoro or 6lb Yozuri hybrid line. I use braid for my large pike rod and for my casting/crankbait, fishing the creek at home in Indiana rod.

Roughly 20lb pike on 20lb Spiderwire:

First day walleye stringer caught on 8lb fluorocarbon
senior member (63)senior membersenior member
05/31/2020 07:07PM
I’ve tried about every kind of line you could think of in the boundary waters, I keep coming back to Trilene XT 8 or 6 pound seems like it is about the best of any I’ve tried.
distinguished member (313)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/31/2020 11:35PM
After many trips to.the BW and 1000s of hours fishing for all kinds of species I have to agree with previous opinions for braid with a 3-5 foot (or so) fluro leader is the best all around setup. I'd also add that at your braid flouro connection tie in a small swivel to reduce line twist especially if you plan to troll. I tie a snap to the "business" end for quick changes.
distinguished member (445)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/01/2020 09:01AM
Regardless of how I feel about the benefits of Braid/Mono/Floro, given you seem to be newer to this with a new rod etc. my suggestion would be to keep it simple and get some Berkley Mono. The trouble with the Trout you're targeting is the big size difference. Given you have some Laker hopes I would suggest 8 lb clear mono.
distinguished member (114)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/01/2020 10:56AM
That's a lovely gift you received. I'm assuming you're an experienced fisherman if you're getting a gift of that pedigree. What do you usually fish with/for? For me, I'm a big believer of Braid (I like the 20 lb Suffix 832 personally) to Fluoro (8-10lb FC Sniper) leader (alberto knot connection) for most applications and a braid to titanium leader for pike presentations. You'll do fine no matter what you bring...for really depends on your style, if you're jigging for lakers you may want to do the braid/fluoro just to eliminate the stretch. Again, with fresh line I don't think you can really go wrong. May be worth sourcing out a second spool so you can have braid on one and mono on the other. Swap out for different techniques. Looks like a ci4 one can be found online for $40 or so.

Let us know what you decide!
member (17)member
06/01/2020 11:30AM
I stand corrected. We USE to use Fireline yrs ago, like over 7-8 yrs ago. Have since switched to Tripple Fish Camo line and will never use anything else. I direct order 1/4 spool (8lb test for eyes and 14lb for northern) from FL and every reel I own minus fly line tippet has it.
06/01/2020 02:00PM
Like others have said, it's mainly about personal preference as each line types have their pros and cons.
I personally prefer fluorocarbon and braided lines. So you know where any bias may lie.

Fluorocarbon becomes particularly useful when there is high fishing pressure, or the water has very high visibility such as a spring fed lake. On the other hand it has its flaws the biggest of which, like mono, can get some gnarly twists in the line.

In my opinion..
Mono is the best value line, however will need to be replaced much more frequently than braid or fluorocarbon. For this reason, I use powerpro or daiwa j-braid on my main 3 reels including my baitcaster. The reason is because I hate taking off line and putting on new lines.
The other big disadvange of mono I don't think anyone mentioned is that compared to the other types, it is not as strong for a given diameter This meaning you will get less line on a spool with mono compared to the others.

I saw another use mention sensitivity of mono as a pro.
This is true if you have slack line you can feel through the line. But if this is your biggest concern, I would be using fluorocarbon over mono as it is much more sensitive.

Choosing line also depends on how you are fishing, and what you are fishing for. If you are bobber fishing you might get an advantage for those sneaky worm stealers like perch or walleye with mono/fluoro. However if you are using an kind of cast and retrieve bait I would 100% recommend using braided line.
member (37)member
06/01/2020 02:17PM
MtnBrowncoat: "I'm heading up to the Boundary Waters for the first time. I just got a Stradic Ci4+ and a Triumph Travel Rod as a graduation gift. What should I spool it up with? I'm planning on mostly targeting trout (lake, brook, splake etc) What type of line do you use and why? Thanks folks!"
If this is your ONLY rod/reel combo you're bringing I would go with braid, 20lb.
For Pike run a titanium leader.
For Walleye run a fluoro leader in 8 or 10lb off a small filler spool.

If you're bringing two rods, it just comes down to personal preference.
06/01/2020 05:28PM
If I had 1 rod, it would be spooled with 8# clear Triline XL. I typically bring 2 or 3 rods. One is a ML 6 footer with 6# XL. The rest are braid/ flouro.
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