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07/11/2020 01:48AM  
Hi. Wondering if anyone has used a Pelican case for their food on a shorter trip, especially if solo? This avoids taking a blue barrel when you do not need the space and could lead to a single pack and single portages. I just thought of this yesterday and figured they might be a great choice for this purpose since they are waterproof, have a bunch of sizes that can work any type of pack you may have, are very solid so food won't get crushed, are essentially smell proof, and are easy to lock or tie to a tree during the night. I like the numerous options that are not very expensive and the variety of bright colors to keep them from getting lost.
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07/11/2020 06:28AM  
That's not a bad idea. Here's another option for you. I used one of these for years on my solos until I got a bear vault. It's airtight and sturdy. Packs very well too.

Vittles Vault

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07/11/2020 07:11AM  
i've only used sealine roll top bags. get most the air out, roll it down and clip it. everything inside should be in another zip lock, pots, mess kit, bear ropes. bear bags hanging options
07/11/2020 08:33AM  
A Pelican case would not be minimally bear-proof unless you locked it with 2 padlocks. As for tying it to a tree, you might have to use Spectra rope (similar to what Ursacks use) to prevent bears chewing through it. They are untested w/r to bears, unlike Bear Vaults or Ursacks. You might want to hang it or stash it away from camp.
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